Will the farmers’ protest be the Achilles heel for this government?

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Not for those who have neither heels nor balls?

I am ashamed of you, Sachin Tendulkar! You too have joined the long list of fawning celebrity sycophants — Kangana Ranauts and Akshya Kumars of the world! Ace Indian editor and journalist Nalini Ranjan Mohanty tweeted condemning anti-farmer stance of famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

By Darshan Mondkar

After International Celebrities tweeted in favor of the Farmers Protest, giving it a Global visibility, the Indian celebrities have suddenly woken up…

And they have tweeted too…. But they have tweeted in the favor of the Govt and BJP and not in the favor of Farmers.

These are the Indian Celebs who have tweeted in favor of the Govt and BJP’s Farm laws …

– Sachin Tendulkar
– Suneil Shetty
– Akshay Kumar (Okay he is Canadian but still)
– Ekta Kapoor
– Karan Johar
– Ajay Devgn
– Kailash Kher
– Ravi Shastri
– Anil Kumble
– Shikhar Dhawan
– R P Singh
– Suresh Raina

These are those people whom you have spent money to watch.

Swedish farmers get a direct income support of Euro 12,590 per farmer, which is double the average for EU farmers (in 2018). Direct payments form 54% of the total farmers income. Highest support (73%) is for Livestock farms.
Source: CAP Strategic Plans, European Commission.

These are those people who have become rich on money spent by you.

These are those people who have been glorified and sometimes even worshiped (Okay not Shetty, but still)

Some have been even made in Gods.

These are the people who have given affirmations to the Govt tweet which reduces the massive Farmers Protest to “propaganda” and “divisive agenda”

These are the people who have openly supported the side which is calling the Farmers “Terrorists, Anti Nationals, Desh Drohis ”

These are the people who wouldn’t care two hoots about what happened to the farmers is long as their careers and bank balances are intact.

I am not saying whether they did right or they did wrong.

But what I will tell you is……. REMEMBER THEM.

And when the time comes……REMIND THEM.

Disclaimer: If the numbers of Farmers who are protesting were indeed DeshDrohis…… We wouldn’t have a Desh left.

Mazhar Farooqui, an eminent investigating hack of The Gulf News, wrote in his social media post:
So a singer from Barbados, an environmentalist from Sweden and an ex porn star from America —(all women) who don’t know each other from Adam have suddenly ganged up as part of some grand international conspiracy against India.

And guess what, bhakts (mudsons) are actually buying this crackpot theory.

Dilip C Mandal, a veteran media analyst and influential writer also applauded the humanism of pop diva Rihanna and other international celebrities, including Mia Khalifa.
For those who love number crunching should note : hashtag started by @rihanna in a benign tweet #FarmersProtest has generated 13.90 lakh tweets.

Whereas 2 tweets #IndiaAgainstPropaganda and #IndiaTogether have total of 7.87 lakh tweets. Almost 300 celebs have tweeted these 2 tags.

Rihanna’s tweet – shared with her 100+ million followers – created a buzz across social media, with the tweet retweeted hundreds of thousands of times. Soon after, Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris – who is a lawyer – tweeted her support for the protests.


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