When UP’s Youngest CM Met Voltaire of India, Rajendra Yadav

In Akhilesh Yadav

Perhaps this is the only picture of Akhilesh Yadav, youth icon charismatic socialist leader and former UP Chief Minister with Rajendra Yadav, legendary fiction writer and editor who pioneered a literary movement of ‘Nai Kahani’ New Wave Story movement in the 60s of the Twentieth century in the company of Mohan Rakesh and Kamleshwar.

The occasion was Sri Lal Shukla memorial awards in Lucknow in December of 2012, the very year Akhilesh was sworn in as the youngest CM of UP after winning a landslide mandate.

Being an avid reader of literature, and a follower of Hans Katha Masik thought-provoking discourse, Akhilesh had cultivated quite a great amount of affectionate respect for Rajendraji.

A year later in 2013, then Chief Minister announced the highest state honour, Yash Bharti Samman, for the noted author and editor who was born in Agra and lived rest of the life between Calcutta and Delhi before taking a bow at the age of 84 in October 2013.

Rajendra Yadav couldn’t travel to Lucknow to receive the prestigious award. His daughter and acclaimed exponent of Kathak, Rachana Yadav had received the award on behalf of her father who was ailing at the time.

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