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by, Prof. Pilar Viviente Sole, Universidad de Miguel Hernandez, Altea, Spain


This goes for you all! We all started 2021. So I consider this track on January 1 2021 a music of hope for a better year ahead.


Now it’s been almost a year since the pandemic began. We must be patient. It’s the pandemic, a challenging time for everyone. Times of social distancing, of staying at home, but not of feeling isolated. During these days, we’re connected through phone, Internet and social media with friends or family members. And for some, we do computer work, online homework, telematics jobs… In fact, you don’t have to look outside. If you can’t look out, look in. You’re full of wealth!

I fondly remember a story when flowers bloomed after the first Spring’s rains. It’s called The Bee Message. Something happened when I was going to make a bouquet to put on my desk, an Empire-style secretary where I spend hours. I imagined a wild bouquet, a handful of flowers, in a little glass vase for my visual and spiritual enjoyment. Pure contemplation, a delight between coronavirus news and homework, an instant of jubilation amid the media bombardment.


I went to the garden

I crouched down

I approached the stem of a little yellow flower

With a scissors in my hand

Suddenly, the hum of a bee flying over me stopped me

I didn’t get to see her

Looked back at the beautiful flower in my garden

Bee buzzes are now more intense

What does it mean when a bee buzzes?

These wind vibrations shake the pollen off the flower’s anthers and onto the bee’s body. Some of that pollen then gets deposited on the next flower the bee visits, resulting in pollination.

I waited…

But she didn’t visit my flower

She is on my back whispering:

“Fear of sickness and death are torturing humanity. The virus is real, but fear is not.”

I immediately put the scissors in my pocket and looked around.

The bee’s gone

She doesn’t hang around me anymore

But I couldn’t cut the flower

I decided not to

The bee is right:

“This flower deserves to be where it is, where she was born. She is a daughter of the sun, the light that overcomes darkness. Fear is the devil.”

Bees are usually a sign of good fortune and happiness. That is why one of the usual meanings of a bee landing on you is that it is a sign of good luck and fortune awaiting you soon. I’ve been following the bee’s message ever since. We should understand this message. Some people saw the pandemic coming, but they didn’t listen and thus didn’t listen to Nature. That’s the proverbial ship that got wrecked among the political-economic, propagandistic and bureaucratic reefs. We should’ve heeded Science and Nature, and we should’ve learned from this lesson.

They say the virus doesn’t move, people move it, so when we stop moving, the virus stops moving, and the virus dies. Is it that simple? And what if we can’t stop the spread of this virus. If we can’t contain it, the other stuff just doesn’t matter that much. When will we attain victory? COVID-19 may bring about the extinction of a large part of humanity if we don’t unify behind a common mission.

It’s time to focus on the true fight of our lives. Together, we will win this battle with our little fishing boats, the grassroots, the ordinary people of society, despite the fact that there are still people wanting to score political points out of this crisis.

Coronavirus has shattered the myth that economics and productivity—selfishness and greed—should be first priority. It’s a fact. However, we should contain our ego or we won’t be able to contain the spread of this virus. In addition, the virtual world is coming, the human race ends if it is not revealed.

Yet every crisis is also an opportunity. As Rieux said, the chronicler doctor of Camus’s Plague: “Here it is not about heroism. It’s just about honesty.” Camus wrote The Plague in 1947, one of the best ever publications pertaining to Pandemic Literature. However, in times of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, it becomes current to a different arc of individual reaction to the crisis. Let us only point out its special relevance in these topics —Pandemic and loss of human values/moral decline, Pandemic and psychology/human behaviour, Pandemic and culture.

Humanism is in a state of choc, the oppressed are becoming more numerous, as are the victims of a consumerist, hedonistic and selfish culture, established by neoliberalism. This is contrary to the development of the human spirit and its most valuable faculties, by extension, also to the development of society. Now we see the absence of solidarity and public health. We bottom up in times of crisis, not in times of bonanza, when we believe we can afford inconscient, looking the other way, and other selfish irresponsible behaviors. Nobody moves a finger here and only thinks about their immediate or short-term benefit. How wide-minded is this?

There’s only one way to get over the pandemic, solidarity and cooperation to fight the public health scourge. According to Yuval Noah Harari, “We must hope that the current epidemic will help humankind realize the acute danger posed by global disunity. Humanity needs to make a choice. Will we travel down the road of disunity, or will we adopt the path of global solidarity? If we choose disunity, this will not only prolong the crisis, but will probably result in even worse catastrophes ahead. If we choose global solidarity, it will be a victory not only against the coronavirus, but against all future epidemics and crises that might assault humankind in the 21st century.”

The world must stand united (regardless of the damage some politicians are causing). The human race everywhere on this planet is heading for economic disaster, and potential global famine. We have to fight this together… WE ARE ONE RACE ON ONLY ONE PLANET! I hope that this crisis will also result in global solidarity on environmental issues. We only have ONE PLANET!  May this crisis bring us all closer to Nature and to each other.

Also, I hope that from these times of crisis we will draw a lesson and learn to be better people. Only then will we improve the present. Let me finish my text in Camus’ words, one of the last sentences of his novel: “[…] something that is learned in the midst of plagues: that there are more things in men worthy of admiration than contempt.”

I guess that this reading has been helpful and graticant in these strange times of uncertainty, when material certainties show their futility, human beings their vulnerability, and structures their precariousness. May the Guardian spirits always be with you!

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