Uttar Pradesh’s law and order go down swinging as Adityanath exhibits Impostor Syndrome while Akhilesh is super-sensitive to woes of suffering masses

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Updated October 14, 2019 Lucknow | 09:24 IST | Frank Huzur
Former UP Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party’s National President Akhilesh Yadav’s visit to Jhansi was worthy of attention in a various way. The brutal murder in fake encounter of 20-year-old youngster Pushpendra in the dark hours of 5 October 2019 necessitated the road journey of a notable socialist leader who is popular for sharing the sorrow of grief-stricken family of slain victims. A socialist has respect for people’s rights whereas caste supremacists and communal czars of the BJP RSS have contempt for human rights.
Akhiilesh being conscious of police atrocities in the guise of ‘Police Encounter’ has been supersensitive to the feelings of affected masses but his successor Adityanath had been a heartless, unfeeling and thick-sklnned in his administrative avatar. Akhilesh is responsive to the sentiments of common people in Uttar Pradesh. He touches the public pulse when he says anyone can die anywhere in the state as law and order has hit bottom. Precious life of a youth was taken in a fake police encounter and now not only Chief Minister himself but his ministers are also justifying a heinous killing of an innocent man.
BJP government has gone down the hill on all the scales of governance. Just as Narendra Modi’s Central government has met with disaster on economy, UP BJP government has hit the skids on everything you namne from fake encounter killing of innocents of almost all castes, mob lynching of Muslims to the suicide of debt-ridden farmers.Hardly a day gone by without the news of staged target killing with family after across the state in a state of heartbreaking mourning.
Akhilesh Yadav in his five-year-stint as CM has given many advantages to the social, economic and cultural milieu of Uttar Pradesh. In less than three years, BJP has pushed the state to the edge of grief and lamentation with its wretched ruling. While Akhilesh is touchy and human, his opponents in the ruling party, including Adityanath and his foul-mouth ministers are tricksters, charlatans and con artists. Whenever BJP government’s headman and ministers open their mouths in public, they only impersonate speaking solemn words of impostors. Did the EVM manufactured mandate give them place and rank in government only to bluff, cheat and mock the rule of law and sentiments of the electorates? Perhaps they are pretenders and phony in their public conduct because they know that people have never given them the place and rank. Rather they have deceived the people to elect them in a sham poll.
What do you call someone who wants to be someone else? Adityanath was presumed to be an ascetic in saffron robe when he was picked up by the Orange Town old fogies to rule Hindi hinterland. With the passage of time his thoughts and actions have portrayed him to be suffering from Impostor Syndrome.
Even so the monk has been masquerading to follow the same ancient script of feudalistic oligarchy which has pushed Narendra Modi in Centre to push the country swinging down the ancient and medieval period of barbarism, full of extreme cruelty and brutality where there would be absence of rainbow civilization and progressive culture. Barbarous figures in public life had been the choicest introduction of the RSS.
Youth of Uttar Pradesh had begun to dream of job and stable life under Akhilesh’s technology socialism. Nowadays, the aspiration of UP youth is lying in ruins. Akhilesh by miles was ahead of his predecessor as well as successor in delivering to the needs and aspirations of people. Adityanath’s rule had only one hope and ambition and that is division within the society to facilitate the rule of a few caste barons.
People of UP remembers Akhilesh Rule for justice, fairness and equality. The Current Adityanath rule is in sharp contrast to the principles of justice, equality and diversity. Akhilesh today stands shoulder to shoulder with the suffering community but Adityanath’s sense of entitlement and abdicating responsibility of ruling by fair and square decree only bring him more formulas of failure in political hot tub of UP politics. You can’t win a challenge by issuing meaningless and controversial statements. You must rule with responsibility in power. Uttar Pradesh needs more relief from violence and disturbance. People don’t want to take their sons and daughters to cemetery and graveyard. They long for peace and prosperity, education and enlightenment, not superstition and sorcery.
Akhilesh is full of positive thoughts. Which is why he achieved positive results for Uttar Pradesh. His successor is full of negative thoughts. Therefore, people of UP can’t expect positive results under a ruler who is not capable of replacing his negative thoughts with positive ones.

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