US Coup 2020: how it’s will happen-

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By James Folgate

1. Biden will not concede defeat on election night no matter what (says Clinton) – this is the “media front” with threats of violence on the night.

2. The election will be called in favour of Trump winning a landslide in the electoral college but over the next few days Postal Ballots will keep coming in (with claims they were delayed unlawfully in the post) and some states will “recount” and flip the result.

3. If Trump does not concede then the DNC will take it to the courts and eventually the Republican dominated US Supreme Court will (probably) rule in favour of the Republicans like it did in 2000 over the disputed election in Florida.

4. DNC campaign manager John Podesta is already working with leaders of the west coast states California, Oregon and Washington on a threat to secede from the union if this situation occurs. This threat would, they calculate, force the military to take steps. Bloomberg and Soros funded groups are supporting this in particular Hawkfish Group (owned by Michael Bloomberg) is warning of a “red mirage” and “predicting” that Trump will appear to be in the lead “until some days after the election” but “after every legitimate vote gets counted” he won’t be in the lead. The ‘Transition Integrity Project’ (funded by George Soros) is saying there will be “eighty million” mail-in ballots (FAR higher than normal) to overturn the election result. They are planning this coup carefully.

5. Transition Integrity Project (TIP) is run Rosa Brooks who was previously head of George Soros’ ‘Open Society Foundation’ and was involved in the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine and therefore understands “regime change”.

6. The intention of TIP is to ensure there is no clear winner on Election Day and frame any refusal by Trump to concede as a crisis of such gravity it would be grounds for military removal. Rosa Brooks wrote in 2016 that “the fourth way… for Trump to be removed from power before 2020…. [would be] a military coup or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders” (Foreign Policy Magazine, 2016).

7. The group has control of the mainstream media and social media. They’ll ensure nothing gets out that disrupts their game plan. The BLM are the foot soldiers who’ve been rehearsing what to do when called into action in November.

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