Urmilesh is a byword of Journalistic objectivity

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Today’s also a day to wish happy birthday to Urmilesh ji, a seasoned campaigner of Indian media. He is a byword of
Journalistic objectivity. People nowadays often ask this question: Are there any unbiased journalists or news anchors in India?

The answer to this question finds echo in Urmilesh whose fairness, disinterestedness, factuality and nonpartisanship can not be questioned even by the worst of his detractors. Here is a sterling gold career in MSM built by sheer honesty and professional ethics.

His personality encompasses all these qualities, which are non-existent in the current crop of rabidly violent watchdogs.

For a man born in Ghazipur, undeveloped backwaters of easternmost UP, to travel the academic and media distance from JNU to mass circulation morningers, NBT, Hindustan and a string of news studios, including Rajya Sabha TV and digital platforms suchlike The Wire and Newsclick, it was not an easy task to achieve wide acceptability without the neutrality. More so as he belonged to middle-rung social structure.

Very few journalists can actually avoid making judgments and steer clear of doubt and ambiguity. Be that Tim Sébastien or David Frost or for that matter Karan Thapar back home, they have struggled with being judgemental in grilling their subjects.

At the beginning of 2018 I have had an opportunity to see the veteran commentator at Mandi House in New Delhi. He was very pleased to receive a copy of Hitler In Love With Madonna and had given a word to read and review my controversial drama. However, the review of the play is still awaited.

Best wishes and more power to your pen, Sir.

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