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A “Good for Nothing” Chief Minister becomes UPYOGI in the eyes of propaganda czar.

BJP’s national mascot and PM Modi gave certificate to his party’s UP CM Yogi Aditynath alias Ajay Singh Bisht as if he was a ‘great performer’

praising Uttar Pradesh’s incumbent saffron-robed CM just before the Assembly Polls. Narendra Modi tries to present Monk CM as #Useful #MukhyaMantri in order to win the forthcoming assembly polls in 2022.
Yogi Adityanath gives full page advertisements in the leading English & Hindi Dailies on Sunday.

The first big lie in the ad is- its headline of- Uttar Pradesh The NO.1 State of India. A few days ago PM Modi while laying foundation stone for Ganga Expressway, said, UP Plus YOGI is UPYOGI. Prime Minister loves the acronym like a management student.
But, the people of UP should have the experience of having the ‘useful CM’ for the last four and half years.

The people UP faced more problems when compared to the previous regimes, Samajwadi Party government and the erstwhile BSP government.

The achievements given in the advertisement list are nothing but lies and half truths.
Under Yogi’s rule, the ad says- Uttar Pradesh is one of the fastest emerging Economies.
The truth is-UP did not move ahead during Yogi’s rule. All the laying of foundation stones ceremonies and announcement of new projects happening in the last six months of Yogi’s term to create a veneer for missing good governance.

Many projects are inaugurated without being completed. PM Modi goes on inaugurating the yet to be completed projects in sheer haste to show the people that the performance of Yogi is extraordinary in a few months before the UP assembly elections.
If at all UP achieved any progress it is in the realm of Crimes and Crimes against women. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report tell why UP is No.1 in murders and kidnappings in India

The recently released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report on crimes in 2020 brought the Uttar Pradesh government under the scanner as it said the state recorded the most number of murder cases (3,779) in India. The statistics also showed that the highest number of kidnapping cases in 2020 — 12,913 — were also registered in Uttar Pradesh.
-NCRB report showed a shocking increase of 20% in crimes against women from 2016 to 2019 in Uttar Pradesh. NCRB, which works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has marked Uttar Pradesh as the most unsafe state for women. Meanwhile, the number has been increased. Uttar Pradesh is at the top of the tally with 15.7% cases. Of the total cases, 2,444 are of dowry deaths, 14,233 of domestic violence and 15,381 kidnappings.

Uttar Pradesh is No.1 in Covid-19 deaths. Dead bodies of people died of the pandemic were seen floating on the waters of the Ganga. Today’s advertisement does not dwell on the subject as Yogi failed in providing help and succor to the Covid-19 infected people of the state.
The per capita income in UP has increased merely by 0.43% as against the claim of 100% growth. So, the claim of the state government that UP is the second largest economy in the country with per capita income doubling-is untrue and far from truth.

The advertisement says that UP ranks second in the ease of doing business category. But, in spite of such tall claims, there are not many new projects coming either in public or private sector. Growing poverty is proof of Yogi government’s failure in attracting new investments.
Recently, the Multidimensional Poverty Index has been released by NITI Aayog, in which Uttar Pradesh ranks third in terms of highest poverty.

-37.79 percent of the population of Uttar Pradesh is poor, which is the highest in the country after Bihar and Jharkhand.
-Uttar Pradesh’s 44.47 percent population is malnourished, while Sikkim is the least malnourished state in the country.
UP has highest number of MSMEs in the country, claims the state government in the above mentioned advertisement. But, the state with a population of more than 24 crores is unable to provide decent employment to the youth. Generally MSMEs facilitate the states to have more new jobs. So, the claim of UP having the highest number of MSMEs is hollow and not at all useful to the unemployed youth of the state.

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