Uddhav Thackeray Versus Bhagat Singh Koshiyari on ‘Secularism’ & Opening of Temples in the time of Pandemic

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By Darshan Mondkar, Mumbai

Dear Andhabhagat JyadaHoshiyari,

Your letter dated 12.10. 2020 was lying on my office table.

In usual circumstances I would have recommended that it be used to wipe someone’s butt, but.. in Maharashtra we wash ours, so ….

If you were really concerned about the progress of Maharashtra, instead of asking to open the temples you would have talked about starting locals and see how we could open up the economy of the State.

But I think that black cap of yours prevents you from getting such simple things in your thick head.

While the entire state is following the “My Family, My Responsibility” norms, why are you dancing on the tunes of the BJP? Do you have any business interests in Temples?

Now coming to you talking about my Hindutwa. I follow the lineage and ideology of my grandfather and the secularism of Shivaji Maharaj, so you might as well not teach me either of the two.

As they say, dont tell “how to swim” to a duck and dont teach your father how to …….. What the shuck !!

Meanwhile, do remember that I dont have the habit of inviting a starlet who has called Mumbai as PoK and spend time drooling over her.

My responsibility towards my state is bigger than that.

Btw, those three petitions that you have attached with your letter are all from BJP supported organizations …. are you a BhaJyaPal??

If you cannot respect the Constitutional position that you hold, atleast do not disrespect the Constitution that allows you to hold that position.

Yours Not So Respectfully,

Disclaimer: I am not sure who has written this letter and for whom but it was found thrown in a dustbin just outside Matoshree along with two other letters in Marathi which are too risqué to be reproduced here … as reported by my reliable sources sitting near a wind turbine drinking water… from behind (the turbine 😛 )

Uddhav Thackrey versus Bhagat Singh Koshiyari


The Governor of a Secular State of a Secular Country who has taken the oath on the Secular Constitution of India asks:

– You are a strong votary of Hindutva. You are a devotee of Lord Raam. Have you received a divine premonition to keep postponing the reopening of places of worship?
– Have you suddenly turned secular?

The CM of the State known for being a firebrand Hindutvawadi and has flown the saffron flag high for decades responds:

– The Govt is more concerned about caring for the lives of the people while safeguarding their faith.
– Simply opening religious places does not make you religious. You have taken the oath on the Constitution which has secularism enshrined in it, do you disagree with it?

Imagine that the Governor Koshiyari who has taken a oath to respect the Secular Constitution of the Country is questioning the CM on a secular stand taken by him….

While the CM Uddhav Thackrey who till yesterday batted for right wing communalists is now taking a very steady and secular stand.

I am personally loving this new Avataar of Uddhav Thackrey, so kudos to him for standing his ground.

Secularism has nothing to do with opening of religious places. It is to ensure that all religions get the same treatment without any partiality.

Nice to see Uddhav Thackrey following the Constitution on which he has taken the oath.

As for Koshiyari …. I am not sure if it was the Constitution that he took an oath on or Manusmriti… someone please clarify this.

On the subject of opening up of religious places, I personally feel that they should be opened up and the onus of any risks that might be caused by such places should lie firmly with the management of those places and should incur heavy fines and arrests for endangering the rest of the people.

Or …. stop shouting “Pandemic Pandemic” and scaring the people.

Disclaimer: It is okay if you dont spot the irony in the two letters. Whenever BJP or their cohorts start speaking irony runs across the road towards an incoming truck with its arms wide open and eyes closed.

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