The U-Turn of Anna Hazare

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By Darshan Mondkar, Mumbai

News Flash: Anna Hazare lends support to the Farmer’s Protest. Will go on Indefinite Hunger Strike from 30th Jan

…a phone rings somewhere in Ralegan Siddhi….

Voice 1: Yawnnnnnn….. Kon re?
Voice 2: Anna, what are you doing?

V1: Just brushed my teeth, now was eating a watermelon
V2: Are you making fun of me? 😡

V1: No No…. Really no. But tell me, what’s up?
V2: Why are you supporting the Farmer’s protest?

V1: I have a pilaan
V2: What plan?

V1: Pilaan ke mutabik, I will support the farmers, infiltrate their protest, then bat for you guys and overturn the protest in your favor.
V2: But they already know you are our man

V1: What!!!! They know? How….
V2: Yes. Everyone knows. Haven’t you been reading the social media for the last 6 years?

V1: No….
V2: Then what were you doing?

V1: Sleeping…. 😐😐
V2: Okay go back to sleep then.

News Flash: Anna Hazare withdraws his support for Farmer’s Protest. Backs the Farm Laws

Disclaimer: I am not sure who the two voices on the telephone were but I am pretty sure this is not the watermelon season. 😛

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