The real india where on daily basis the So called Upper caste men rape outcaste Dalit women to insult so called “lower caste”men.

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#RapeCulture in India

By Obed Manwatkar, Chicago

The body of a woman is the seat of honour. By raping Dalit women, so called upper caste men send a message to so called lower caste men that you are incapable of protecting “your women” since in a caste based society, women are viewed as property.

Politicians come and visit the victims families, with Vote bank in their brains. Court cases and all legal battle continues for thousands of years if by mistake any police complaint gets registered. forget about justice there won’t be any justice there is media outrage for some days for TRPs.

In such caste based society, The Raped Dalit girls are not able to marry since they are not virgins anymore, They drop out of school. Their family “honor” is lost. There is rejection from their own community and neighborhood, Thats one of the biggest trauma they have to face.

A perfect way to fight back is to make sure that these girls complete their education, find a man who loves them, a family which accepts her disregarding the notions of honor of a Caste-ist society.

We, as a society should make sure that these women forget their past and “thrive” instead of just being a survivor. “Thriving” is a step ahead of “surviving”.

This can be a way to fight back. This also means that men disregard “purity” as a mark of family honor.

The greatest question arises will the men and the families on this side do that ?

#UprootDiscriminationPyramid #AbolishCasteSystem

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