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Updated May 23, 2019 | 10:12 IST | Promod Puri, Vancouver

A juggernaut of all the resources and forces, while crushing the opposition, pulled the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under prime minister Narendra Modi’s command to another massive victory in the just concluded India election.

An army of hard-core members of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), the leading partner in the alliance, biased media, unlimited funds, absolute and effective use of social media, plus the disunited Left and Centre opposition all contributed to Modi’s and party for another five year of running the largest but blighted democracy in the world.
In this juggernaut which continues with promises of more development and economic wellness, there is going to be a further rise of Hindu fanaticism.

And that could be the chilling wave for the minorities, Dalits and lowest of lowest under dreadful casteism of India.

Hopefully, Modi will grow up from a shrewd politician to a true statesman. That is the Modi India needs to govern the diverse nature of the country’s population.


Darshan Mondkar

Read this post with a calm mind and let the truth sink in…….

So that’s it for this round….

The election results are out and though not all seats have been closed, the leads show that BJP aka Modi will be getting one of the largest mandates ever.

This mandate is probably bigger than what it got in 2014.

This could have happened because of only one of these two things:

1. The elections were rigged:

I will outrightly dismiss this theory completely.

As a common man, my duty is to go and vote, which I did. I neither have the resources nor the leverage to determine the fairness of an election.

So if the Opposition Parties or those contesting elections do not find any rigging in this election then there is no reason to suspect such a thing happened.

If those contesting these elections feel that there was rigging then they should have been ON THE STREETS right now and not cribbing over social media via their supporters.

If they say that they accept this defeat with humility, then that’s fine by me.

So, I am bound to conclude that Modi won this election fair and square.

Which brings me to the next point.

2. The New India:

The only reason why Modi could have won this election is because…… THE PEOPLE OF INDIA WANTED HIM TO WIN.

Yes. Beat around the bush as much as you want but the people of India have voted for Modi and that’s whom they want.

Modi could have never won such a large mandate based on just his own base camp of supporters.

So, this also means that majority of the people of India had no problems in the last 5 years.

This means, it was not just the Upper Caste Hindus who voted for Modi but also the rural India, the minorities, the women, the youth….. They all voted for Modi. (Of course the final vote share percent is not out, so I can’t make a conclusive comment on this yet)

The farmers who were eating their excreta outside Modi’s office and taking out protest marches against the Government did not have a problem.

The people shouting about losing their jobs or having no jobs were lying since they did not have a problem.

The minorities who were getting lynched or tied to vehicles and being beaten up, did not have a problem.

The small traders who were crying about losing their businesses, did not have a problem.

The small industrialists who went broke, did not have a problem.

The women who were screaming about their security and rape threats, did not have a problem.

This is the fact and one has to face it.

However we, as individuals, might have seen the course that India took as problematic, for majority of the people of India, it was not a problem.

And what the majority wants, is what the majority gets and deserves.

That is the only final truth.

We shall now see the emergence of a New India.

An India where a Godse becomes a patriot and Karkare becomes a Desh Drohi.

Where people like Sunny Deol, Pragya Thakur, Tejaswi Surya and Gautam Gambhir are hailed as mass leaders and become role models to many.

Where hatemongering and Communalism become a norm and freedom of speech is given a silent burial.

But if that’s what India has chosen to become, that’s what India will be.

To all those who have been vociferous about the causes that they believed in, I have only one thing to say:

“No defeat is final and no victory is perpetual. Being in minority doesn’t make you wrong and being in majority doesn’t make you right. The fight for what you believe in is always a long tedious and uphill war. You will lose many battles before you reach your goal. Don’t let a single defeat deter you”

I hope that we will all continue to fight for the causes that we believe in, for the idea of INDIA that we believe in…….till democracy remains.

Jai Hind

Disclaimer: This post does not intend to offend any of my friends. You are all great people. I quiet enjoyed the way we bonded over the last few years and I hope I will get a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on numerous occasions in future.

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