The Indian Flag was visible in the Capitol Hill Rampage along with the Confederate & White Supremacists flag

In America, World

The Indian Olympian contingent was one of only two teams to not raise their arm (Nazi Salute) as they marched past Adolf Hitler during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Defiance.

Today the Indian Flag was there along with Confederate & White supremacists flags in #CapitolHill. Shameful.

The defiance of the Indian Olympians in 1936 even shocked Britain, who gave the Nazi salute to Hitler.

India was the biggest member of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and the entire world-respected it. The Indian Tricolor was the symbol of NAM.

What a fall!

The Confederates, Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, the Aryan Brotherhood are all White supremacists.

Brown skin Asians are sub-humans for White supremacists. Do understand this small fact before supporting them.

7 lakh Roma Gypsies were killed by Nazis during World War 2. The Roma gypsies migrated from India and were of Indian origin.

The Nazis had a race theory and Brown Indians were subhumans, just like the Slavs & Jews. If you still want to support White supremacists, go ahead.

The Roma Gypsy genocide or the Romani Holocaust is known as the Porajmos.

Do a search about it and be prepare to get shocked.

#capitolhill #trumpsupporters #capitalhillriots #advaidism

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