The Good Doctor is free; SP President Akhilesh demands Azam’s release too

In Akhilesh Yadav

#DrKafeelKhan released from Mathura Jail. This man has suffered a lot at the hands of a communal and corrupt system. May all “saffron” and “Khaki” morons responsible for the pain he went through for being a Muslim, rot in hell. His grown beards and eyes say a lot about his agony. God bless you Dr sahab, more power to you. Such sentiment as expressed by an activist journalist Sayed Hassan Kazim, New Delhi, was crowding the Twitter and Facebook with a large number of peace loving citizens hailed Dr Kafeel’s freedom.

SP President Akhilesh welcomes Allahabad HC ruling on Dr Kafeel

Former UP CM and Samajwadi Party national president
Akhilesh Yadav has welcomed
Allahabad HC directive quashing detention of Dr #KafeelKhan under NSA. Former UP CM raised the demand for immediate release of Azam Khan and his son and wife who have been imprisoned over a raft of unconvincing charges.
The popular socialist leader is quite concerned with the witch hunt and is urging UP BJP govt to immediately release the Gorakhpur doctor. But he is also wary of the petty mindset of the ruling party mandarins.

In a ruling, Allahabad HC said Dr Kafeel’s speech was for national integrity & in no way it incited violence. He was jailed for calling for national integrity- guess why? Because he is a Muslim & that’s the only crime.

In fact, Dr Kafeel should sue UP govt and UP police.They are the biggest goons & traitors.

Allahabad High Court Order is a tight slap on CM Yogi Adityanath’s face!

Keeping Dr Kafeel Khan in prison for eight long months was a grave injustice. Democracy stands shamed.

Such a sorry state of affairs in the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and the country. The person lost so much of time in jail!

He should sue the ones who put him in jail in the first place. 8 months of his life wasted

Who will compensate him for all the troubles and hardships he faced in the jail?
Any punishments for the people who made him suffer in the jail?

8 months in totally abject conditions in jail and now the sudden realisation of Court…A doctor who deserves the State’s honours treated in the most inhumane way and now the sudden exoneration..Nothing else to say!!!!

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