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Prof. Pilar Viviente

Universidad de Miguel Hernandez, Altea, Spain


One more day of confinement

Between pineapple sprouts and needles


Alone but accompanied


One more day

I look through the window


I’m being held captive

I’m sick

They keep me captive

But I can still feel free


In my home

On my small terrain

Between nature and wildlife

My coronavirus shelter

It’s a small ecosystem that houses my soul


And I’m loved by Mother Earth

While people die


I open the door

Looking for an answer

Flowers of red bottles

Have blooming during the quarantine


Under the red bottlebrush flowers

There’s a green tapestry

Of water pearls

Sprinkled with yellow flowers

And tender lilac thistles


I’m captive in a garden

What a pleasure for the senses!

Ah, my Australian flower bush!

You, who survived the storm “Gloria”

That knocked down dozens of pines around

Then came the pandemic

And the trees were human beings


Again the grey sky has been crying for three days

Moistens the earth

Day and night

Greenery spreads over the fallen pines


Dozens of birds sing with the rain

That caresses the treetops


The horizon opens up to hope

Wherever death was

Life is born


Butterfly hour

The nap of the chrysalis

Sun praise

Spring afternoons

Ah, Ophelia!

To be or not to be


For the song of a bird

For the crying of a child

We’re going to get it all

Ah, Ophelia!

Make sure casualties are praised as a hero

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