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Updated Mar 16, 2019 Lucknow | 12:00 IST | Frank Huzur

He is more of a man than any I have and shall ever come across. A man of unflinching Faith, unwavering character and a rectitude inimitable in its rigour and religiosity. His philosophy and method of education have shaped a million destinies in the heartland of India.

His tall figure is a lovely union of majesty and grace.  A fair face with square jaw and arching eyebrows gives you a throwback to a statuesque figure of Big screen. He is SP Singh.

A most honourable man who was a singular blend of compassion and grandeur, a rare combination of pride and humility. Courage, conviction, fearlessness and unimpeachable character incarnate, such is the founder manager of LPS. . For tens of thousands, he remains guiding light, watchful guardian and lodestar of inspiration, integrity and determination. Everyone, not only over 28000 students and 2500 staff of teachers and administrators, across a dozen branches in UP and elsewhere in the country, are walking shoulder to shoulder with SPS and telling a new story of the elevation and exaltation of his heart and mind to the highest echelons of social and educational upliftment.

After graduating with good grades in 1973, SP turned to teaching. It was not an unusual aspiration for a man in his time and place. However, in a society where a middle-class background graduate is celebrated more for his pursuit of Indian Administrative or Police Service or for that matter majoring in Engineering and Medicine, here was a beanstalk like giant with love for the art and science of teaching.

In 1983, he moved forward with his intention to rejuvenate the minds of his society with a measly sum of just hundred thousand. That too on the borrow from a few friends. His jest for his choice was towering. A slew of established Convent school at the time saw his drive with envy and hostility.

He began to travel on a dusty Vespa scooter across the city and the sleepy corners of the state to speak and persuade parents and children for education. Small surprise, SP rose to prominence as an advocate for modern education for the children of all strata of society, with special thrust on the new generation of aspiring parents who had dreams in their hearts to educate their children in the most suitable environment.

SP was intrigued by idea of education and created a far more specific and organized system for applying them to the everyday education of children. For him, it was a social responsibility. Personal care, attention, self-discipline became the hallmarks of his educational philosophy and method.

In SP’s education discourse, I observed a considerable streak of similarity with that of the passion in the mould of Maria Montessori and her son Mario. Cosmic education is also a key to his approach to nurture Gen Next of India. He has dedicated himself to educate the human potential and succeeded in blazing a trail of education for a new world.

Here is the man who is epitome of philanthropy, politics of socialism and compassionate model of transformation in the educational landscape of India!

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