The Day Workers Blues

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Updated Mar 16, 2019 | 12:00 IST | Eugene Hyon 

The workday begins before sunrise with groans, stiff jointsand swollen eyelids

The bathroom shower offers its morning baptism of the body, and to prime the mind for the day’s collective struggle.

Only the strong aroma of hot coffee emanating from the kitchen poured

into thick mugs lifts weary souls out of a muffled, comfortable

gravitational ether.

The body is forced by an iron will to push out of apartment doors

to join an immense press of flesh, to move in sync, shoulder to shoulder,

with billions of feet slapping concrete slabs that lead into the gigantic

mouths of glass and steel monoliths.

Forever hungry, these monoliths consume without pity or conciousness the constant stream of human sacrificial lambs thatpassively disappear into vaults lit by frosty fluorescence.

There must be somewhere in the sky the bird’s eye view that gazes with wonder at the flow of humans moving in massive rivers and streams,up and down streets, venues and boulevards; the masses gurgle and bubble upfrom holes in the ground inhabited by rumbling, roaring trains that snake through  rabbit warrens screeching on steel rails from one end of the city to the next .

The collective energy consumed by humans and machines createsa halo effect of heat over the metropolis all year round. The 24-hour din ofthe city hums like a beehive with its denizens no better or worse than workers, drones and queen-bee bosses.

As the sun sets, the flow of humanity and their machines gradually reverses direction. The grand unwinding commences, and a sigh of relief blankets thecity for a few wee hours of precious night before reliving another cycle ofcollective struggle.

Musicians making money the old-fashioned way on a Friday evening at the Eighth Avenue Station at 42nd Street Midtown Manhattan when most workers are on their way home to start the weekend.

Eighth Avenue Station at 14th Street Lower Manhattan, known for its bronze

sculptures by noted New York artist, Tom Ottersee.

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