The blueprint of the proposed new Babri Masjid is out. It will have a mosque, a 200-bed charitable hospital, a public library, museum, a community kitchen & solar power system.

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The modern architecture is impressive. So is the ambitious plan that includes Islam’s emphasis on service to humanity. Islam repeatedly stresses on feeding the poor, helping the needy, spreading knowledge & taking care of nature. I am happy that the proposed new complex will encapsulate all of this.

My only worry is the authorities won’t give permission.

Also, why not call it Babri? After all, it’s being constructed because the original Babri was destroyed.

Indian Muslims should stop being so fearful about asserting their identity. Even if you call it ‘New Modern Mosque’, haters will still hate it. So why give in to the pressure? Why the lack of confidence? Such a beautiful blueprint – I love it. Except for not calling it ‘Babri’. It will be built precisely because the original Babri was criminally demolished. So, it makes sense to only call it that. Any other name is a sign of fear.


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