The BJP govt has become like that of a Demon slaying its own citizens

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Updated March 14, 2020 Lucknow | 03:30 IST | Frank Huzur

The BJP govt is like that of a Demon slaying its own people: SP National Executive

Here are the highlights of the Samajwadi Party National Executive meeting held this afternoon at party headquarters in Lucknow. National President and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav presided over the important biennial conclave, which was attended by a galaxy of top socialist leaders from across the country..

Under the BJP rule in UP,, law and order has become a stuff of joke and derision. It is a mockery to say the least.

Women and daughters, almost everyone, are feeling unsafe and fearful. Incidences of Murder, loot and rape are beyond the control.of the ruling party.

Criminals have become fearless. Atrocity is the only reward when people cry for justice.

The government has unleashed a wave of fake encounters to cover its miserable failure in the maintenance of law and order.
Uttar Pradesh, to speak the truth, has become a byword for Hatya Pradesh. Hundreds of farmers under the unbearable weight of debt and hunger have committed suicide.

Ever since the BJP government had been sworn in its state policy had been guided by prejudice and favouritism.

The executive has almost taken total control of the government machinery. A sinister conspiracy to dilute the influence of judiciary and paralyze the legislature has been successfully accomplished.

The free Press once hailed as the fourth estate of democracy has been muzzled with the active connivance of big fish in the corporate world.

The government and its supporting organisations are busy with savaging the secular structure of India’s Constitutional democracy and they are shameless in reframing the basic preamble of our Blue Book.

Needless to say that the self esteem and confidence of a common Indian is at all-time low. The morale of masses is in ruins. People across the country are suffering from despair, dejection and devastating desolation.

Power that be has acquired the frightening shape of a demon who is only obsessed with exploitation and discrimination of the helpless people.

Villages are turning desolate. Farmers and farming are grossly neglected. Unemployment is growing up fast at the monstrous pace.

Only plundering of resources is visible everywhere. In fact, members of the ruling party are competing with each other to plunder and purloin.

Our foreign policy has deviated from its fundamental goal. Russia used to be our most dependable friendly country.

Unfortunately Moscow has been leaning towards Pakistan more of late due to the wrong policy of BJP govt.

Truthfully, the number of India’s enemy nations have increased and there had been a great reduction in the number of our friendly nations.

The ruling party has misused electronic and social media to create chaos and lawlessness through communal polarisation. As a consequence, the entire country appears to be divided by the prevailing atmosphere of fear, insecurity and hate.

The primary objective of the current dispensation is only about holding on to power, by hook or crook. Grabbing power through wrong means has become the guiding force for the BJP.

In fact, the new normal for the government had been to impose its ideology on people by coercion and fraud in brazen exploitation of people’s feelings. The neglect of masses misery is the Magna Carta of the BJP.

Muhammad Azam Khan, one of the tallest leaders of India’s socialist movement, had become a favourite punching bag of the prejudiced BJP government.

Politics of vendetta and vengeance has been directed at 9-time Samajwadi Party MLA and the current Rampur Member of Parliament. The way the BJP government is humiliating Azam Khan by implicating him in fake cases and his atrocious treatment in the prison deserve utmost condemnation from all over.

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