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“I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no one should witness. Gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot and killed by high school and college graduates. So I am suspicious of education. My request is help your students to be human. Your efforts must not produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths or educated maniacs. Reading and writing and spelling and history and arithmetic are only important if they serve to make our students more human.”

So guys, never get in awe of anyone just because of his education, wealth and so called social status because most of the times a thug becomes more thuggish by getting educated, the thing which matters most is “Sharafat”, honesty, genuineness, having pain and care for the weak and powerless, speaking against the powerful, corrupt and the tyrants no matter whatever the circumstances. Arrogance of power, wealth and education is the worst type of arrogance which makes us inhuman, that education is of no use which makes us corrupt, arrogant, prejudiced and inhuman towards the poor, weak class of society which has been forced to believe that they take birth as destitute and are destined to live like that and die as one. We should avoid making our children into “machine men with machine minds”, quality education is a must but understanding difference between right and wrong, just and unjust is even more important.

On this Teacher’s Day an appeal to the Teachers of India ..

Dear teachers,

You know that caste and religion are the main hurdles in the progress of India …. as they divide people into different groups, who keep fighting with one another due to their contrasting beliefs.

Religions originated from the superstitious belief that there was some supernatural power. The hindu religion is divided into hundreds of sub groups called castes.

The religion was once required to control people …..but, in this 21st century India we don’t require it as there are laws to control people. It’s time to say “good bye” to religion, caste and all superstitious beliefs associated with them.

According to article 51A(h) of Indian Constitution it is the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen …. to develop Scientific Temper, Humanism and Spirit of Inquiry and reform.

Since you are the teachers, it becomes your moral responsibility to help children develop these traits required by the constitution so that they can rid of caste, religion and all the superstitions.

The sole responsibility of developing scientific temper among the students lies on the teacher who can manipulate all situations to instill in students a scientific attitude and at the same time present himself a role model.

This will create a favourable and permanent impression on the students to adopt the same attitude which the teacher has. Teacher with scientific temper and scientific bent of mind can easily develop scientific attitude among students.

While religion tends to close the mind and produce intolerance, credulity, superstition, emotionalism and irrationalism, a scientific temper tends to liberate people of the shackles of dogmas, traditions and all types of irrationalism and superstitions.

Inevitably, scientific temper is an attitude or a way of being that involves open-mindedness, logical thinking and analysis.

Scientific temper is the willingness to meet with new facts and evidence without pre-conceived notions and to question conclusions based on newer evidence.

Scientific temper is breaking of stereotypes and being open to accepting that one’s own experiences, views, and conclusions need continuous re-calibration.

Scientific temper describes an attitude which involves the application of Logic.

So, dear teachers, you please try to understand that today’s children need freedom from caste, religion and all superstitions.

So you must promote Scientific Temper in today’s children.


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