#StandWithFarmers The Hands That Feed You Are The Hands That Need You

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By Darshan Mondkar

The Farmers Protest is going to bring Delhi to a grinding halt on the 8th Dec as the farmers plan to block all roads leading into the National Cap ital.

I know that this will cause a great inconvenience to the people of Delhi, but do remember…..

The farmers were protesting from the past two months and no one paid them any attention.

The farmers have travelled all the way from their states of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana just to make sure that their voice is heard.

They have been Lathi charged, tear gassed and sprayed by water cannons.

The Govt has been dilly dallying on their demands without giving them enough time while the ruling party had all the time for municipal elections.

So, DO NOT blame the farmers for blocking the roads.

Rather blame the Govt for not sorting out this issue in the last two months.

The farmers are not protesting because they want to. They are protesting because they have to. The only other choice is to lie down and play dead and have the Corporates steamroll over them.

Stand with the farmers now or there won’t be any farmers left to stand for later on.

It is the Govt inaction which is responsible for your inconvenience not the actions of the farmers.


Disclaimer: The hands that feed you, are the hands that need you today, do the right thing and support them.

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