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By Darshan Mondkar in Mumbai

#FarmersProtests are going on all across India.

What are your news channels showing you???

Spread the word #supportfarmers


Disclaimer: Faye D’Souza thank you for always highlighting the prominent and real issues in India.

How does the new farm bill become the perfect hunting tool in the hands of Corporates …. With inputs from Piyush Manush, social activist, social entrepreneur and a farmer himself.

One of the 3 bills passed by BJP in the Parliament, under the guise of benefiting the farmers, has removed the Essential Commodities Protection from many previously deemed essential farm produce.

This allows a free hand to the Buyers and Sellers to get into agreements pertaining to buying, selling, stocking (aka hoarding) and exporting.

Contract Farming Bill terms the middle men as “Sponsors”. The sponsors can be any one, an individual or a legal entity (a company).

An agreement signed between the sponsor and the farmer will entail the entire deal in detail about the crop inputs which are needed, the purchase price and the percentage of profit shared, in case of higher price realization at the time of procurement.

It is quite evident that no farmer is going to write down these agreements. They will be made by legal experts from the Corporates.

And just like we dont read all the Terms and Conditions while signing an insurance form, we shouldnt expect a farmer to go through an extensive document before sticking his thumb print on it.

As they say, the crux of a contract always lies in the fine print.

Supply of inputs like technology, seeds, pesticides and fertilizers will be dumped on the heads of the farmers and there is an obvious profit to be made here from this sale to the farmers.

Any agreement is binding on both the parties.

The sponsors need to buy the produce as per the agreement (which has been drafted by the sponsor himself).

However, the sponsor can file claims from the farmer if the produce does not meet the stipulations of the agreement. Any rejects from the sponsor will be endgame for the farmer who has already paid the price of the farm inputs and has now landed up with a crop which has been rejected.

The dispute resolution committee would not order a land seizure in lieu of compensation to be paid to the sponsor……but …..

There is no mention of safeguards if an Asset Management Company (eg: Reliance Asset Reconstruction Ltd) steps in for an Agro Compay (eg: Reliance Agri Products Distribution Ltd) and swaps land for the dues accumulated by the farmer.

Remember, the courts are prohibited by these laws to intervene in such cases and these disputes are supposed to be resolved on the whims and fancies of the person who heads the dispute resolution mechanism.

And this is something which will make the farmer into a slave laborer for the Corporates for his entire foreseeable future.

If you think the farmers are stupid to protest, you are wrong.

The farmers know what is coming to them.

It is the Urbanites who cannot figure out what is happening here and are ready to believe that anything which comes out of Modi’s stable is a Historic Masterstroke. Yes, this is a Historic Masterstroke but not for the farmers … it is for the Corporates

It is imperative that the Govt makes the necessary provisions in the Laws to ensure that the farmers will be well protected against Corporates which are too large to be fought and you cant even drag them to courts.

Disclaimer: A Govt is supposed to be OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people … Not leeching OFF the People, to BUY the Politicians and FOR the Crony Capitalists

Urban middle class is a big fool, without emphaty, values, knowledge or understanding. They have some money and inflated ego.



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