Special program on the occasion of the 25N organized by the Annetta Nicoli Art Studies Chair

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Prof. Pilar Viviente

On the occasion of 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Institutional Chair of Artistic Studies Annetta Nicoli of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) has organized a special program that is committed to affectivity, care and the acquisition of critical tools against sexist violence. The schedule of activities consists of workshops and conferences and included the participation of the writer and feminist and queer activist Itziar Ziga.

Particularly, Itziar Ziga gave the presentation ‘On the most vibrant, sexy and queer side of life’. During her speech, the author of books such as ‘Devenir perra, Un zulo propio’ (Becoming a bitch, a zulo of her own), (Melusina, 2009), or the recently published ‘La feliz y violenta vida de Maribel Ziga’ (The happy and violent life of Maribel Ziga), (Melusina, 2020). She spoke from her literature about abuse and maltreatment.

The special programming of the Institutional Chair of Artistic Studies Annetta Nicoli of the UMH culminated on December 2 with the delivery of two workshops that were given by the transfeminist activist, thinker and equality technician, Josebe Iturroiz (Ordizia, Guipúzcoa, 1978 ).

The first of the workshops was held at the Photography Seminar of the Faculty of Fine Arts on the Altea campus, under the title ‘Del género también se sale’ (From the genre also one comes out). According to Josebe Iturroiz, the way of understanding ‘man / woman’ identities has changed throughout history, as well as sexuality itself. The aim of this training is to give tools to those attending to understand the world beyond ‘sexual dimorphism’, beyond opposing and exclusive dualities that until now have been understood as immutable truths. It is about talking about sex and identity beyond the heteronormative framework, and sensitizing people, given the current situation of tension and hatred towards the LGTBIQ + collective.

The second workshop, which was held in the same location, is entitled ‘Romantic love, family and heteronormative violence (from a materialistic perspective)’. It addressed the violent structures of patriarchy that current societies maintain and produce. According to the organization, sexist violence segregates the population and settles in the nucleus of societies. Transfeminism has broadened the classic view of sexist violence and delves into its roots and causes. It is therefore a matter of approaching sexist violence from this perspective and from a materialistic point of view, applied to the body, sex, gender and desire, as fundamental elements in social production, in the production of the human species itself. It was about sexist violence in its symbolic, structural and direct order. The intersectionality of gender, class and race was also taken into account.

The programming of these activities had the collaboration of the City Council of Altea, the Vice-Rectorate of Culture of the UMH, the Equality Unit, the Center for Artistic Research

(C.Í.A.) of the University, the Department of Art, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UMH and the Feminist Platform of Altea.

We are grateful to the organization and all the people involved in this special program. Let’s finish the article with a poem. Here is my 25N (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) Day poem.

Venus Of The Rock Sunset Walk

Sea foam that can do everything

there is no rock or wind that does not embrace

with its soft, ethereal and ephemeral caress

Venus of the Rock sunset walk

Three rocks

Three times

Three not four loves

That’s the foam

That’s Venus

It’s coming to me

Venus for End Violence Against Women

Men are from Mars

Women are from Venus

Venus of the Rock sunset walk

Three rocks

Three times

Three not four loves

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