Socialist Workers On Foot: Abhishek Yadav leads marching Samajwadi legions in a sleepy area of Eastern UP

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Nietzsche, a preeminent German philosopher said,
: “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” Researchers agree on the connection between an acute mind and legs in motion.


Studies have also shown that a walker’s mental meandering is unusually conducive to innovation.

Above all, do not lose your desire to walk, putting one foot before the other in search of fresh insights and breakthroughs in knotty arguments.

Mapping farm ridge, barn and courtyard of villages on foot, Akhilesh Yadav’s Walkman is a young socialist leader Abhishek of Jangipur in Ghazipur district.

In political history, walking actually had been an effective political statement. The 33 years old alumnus of Allahabad University who shot into national limelight in 2011 for waving a black flag in protest against Rahul Gandhi is now taking his socialist mission to another exalted and exemplary level. All of his pursuits, of course, are inspired by his role model, charismatic strong socialist leader Akhilesh Yadav.

When Abhishek walked 15 kms daily in the past 100 days he was just the latest in a long line of politicians to take an attention-seeking stroll. Nevertheless, explicit in his journey is the charter of Samajwadi Party and Andolan ahead of #2022Polls, which will be ‘Do or Die, Make or Break” for 220 million people of India’s largest province.

In the glorious history of Indian socialism, Lohia,
Chaudhary Charan Singh and living legend Mulayam Singh Yadav have ridden ridges and carts for understanding the soul of rural community.

A peasant leader Mahendra Tikait has had his moments under the Sun and recently Jagan Mohan Reddy walked miles to Delhi to bring attention to the plight of rural community,.

In the latest episode, the socialist worker Abhishek by his audacious stride has only reinforced the value of the long history of ambulatory politics. A politician must pound the pavement for people’s attention.

Critics may argue that public perambulation has become a permanent political ploy. However, here is no ploy from a selflessl footsoldier Abhishek who and his fellow walkers have donned walking shoes for spreading the word of Akhilesh Yadav and socialist thought.

Abhishek embarked on this arduous footwalk in the first week of July, 4 July, in the thick of rainy season with just about 10 socialist lads.

Three months later, the Green Barrett has walked over the meandering ridges of farm, through the barn and courtyard of over hundred hamlets and mapped around 315 booths of the Jangipur assembly constituency in Ghazipur district.

It was the peak of paddy sowing time. The heat and humidity at times washed out energy of the walkers. Hope in hearts and will to walk on the ground, their sweat beads were making a splash many hundred kilometers away in state capital Lucknow. The President was keeping an eye over the marchers.

One rainy afternoon Akhilesh decided to go live with the boys. It was the biggest surprise in store for the boys. A video call from their national president and beloved socialist leader Akhilesh Yadav.

Exhaustion evaporated in a flash from the drooling visage of every worker and all of them were ready to walk the farm ridge again with a renewed interest and determination. The President’s call was received during the raging monsoon rain.

The journey of paddy sowing time has become a hot-button issue in the area today when farmers are harvesting their crops.

Abhishek’s marchers could be spotted from a great distance by their red caps, giant socialist flag fluttering atop the bamboo pole and a clear column of a marching troop as if a column of military men were marching to reclaim a lost frontier from the clutches of the occupying enemy forces.

During the stopovers Abhishek has prioritized to garland statues of civil rights champion and architect of Constitution, Babasaheb Ambedkar. He says no other icon has as many statue erected in his honour as Ambedkar saheb has.

Along with dwelling on Lohiaite thoughts we have been unambiguously striking out the message of Ambedkar in the mind and heart of villagers. Our leadership has directed our efforts to help commoners with the amalgamation of Ambedkar and Lohia vision for the realization of total socialist revolution.

Reminiscing over a string of challenges and characters in the journey on foot, Abhishek told me about his favorite experience of Biharah village. Just as they set foot in the village a good bevy of bright coloured saree clad women erupted in angry slogan renting, “Wapas Jaawon BJP waalon.” Go back, you bjp people. Abhishek was shocked by women’s detestation and stepped forward to convince them that they were Akhilesh’s Men, not Modi and Yogi’s workers. Shortly thereafter women were absolutely relieved and welcomed them with open arms.

The incident was a very good mirror of solid popularity and acceptability Akhilesh enjoys in the rural hinterland of Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath, current chief minister, is a deeply reviled figure of hate and division amongst the people.

The Cyclewallas charmed their ways into hearts of women of the Biharah village.

In hisTheory of Walking, nineteenth-century French writer Honoré de Balzac wrote, “Isn’t it really quite extraordinary to see that, since man took his first steps, no one has asked himself why he walks, how he walks, if he has ever walked, if he could walk better, what he achieves in walking … questions that are tied to all the philosophical, psychological, and political systems which preoccupy the world?”

On foot humans crossed the earth, experienced life, and defined their relationship to the environment. On foot during mercilessly imposed #COVID19India Lockdown by Narendra Modi’s BJP government, poor migrants carried their children, supported their old, hauled their tools and goods, and herded their animals.

In the end, I would say, ‘Thank You, Akhilesh Yadav and Abhishek, for demonstrating the power of Foot Walk in the time of Pandemic when people are pegged to their bed and sofa, chair and stool in a sedentary lifestyle, the new normal in Post-Corona world.

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