Social Democrats gather under Schumacer Centre to reframe Socialist Public Discouse in Lucknow

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Updated October 27, 2019 Lucknow | 10:04pm IST | Frank Huzur

Youth for Multiculturalism: A Social Democratic Perspective was the moot point for over two dozens socialist workers, observers, activists and active politicians ths other day. It was my pleasure to host some preeminent and globally recognised Social Democrats, socialist observers from iconic Schumacher Centre.

An introduction to Social Democracy set the pace of agenda.

Reframing the public discourse: A progressive perspective invited a cluster of enlightening opinion from Dr DK Giri, veteran author of Building Progressive Politics by Rebuilding Social Democracy. Dr Giri touched upon vital issues of concern and challenge for socialist bloc in a direct fight with the fascist forces. The globetrotter giant urged the participants to work for mass association for democratic socialism.

In a welcome and introduction address, director of SS, Susan Cherian spoke about her experiences with Australia’s Labour Party during the last year polls.

Among a list of notable presence in the audience was Daddu Prasad, former Cabinet Minister in Mayawati-led BSP government and now a disenchanted socialist worker. Daddu spoke his mind and heart about the values and legacy of Manyavar Kanshi Ram and he also presented a copy of a new book on speeches of MKR.

Veteran socialist worker and renowned public intellectual of Hindi heartland, Chandra Bhushan Singh Yadav, noted Ambedkarite and Lohiaite Sarvesh Ambedkar, Aafiya Bano and Niti Kuswaha, Women PhD scholar from Lucknow University, promising University socialist activist and observers, JNUiite Dileep Yadav Ratnesh Shepherd Ram Karan Nirma, Satyesh Pachaasi, l and advocate Toshendra Prabhakar also participated in an interactive session.

Fermina Mukta Singh, an enlightened social democrat and an actress, also spoke her mind and heart about the role of youth as agent of social change.
Also soaking in the message of solidarity, pluralism, values in public life in a session on Youth and Students for Social Change and Gender Justice were a group of committed socialist workers under the guidance of an influential grassroot mobilizer Mohd Yameen Khan, former Minister of State in the previous Samajwadi Party government.

Spirited Yameen and his associate socialist observer Fahad Shah were gung-ho about the recent Bypoll results which has rejuvenated the SP. Both talked about the people’s politics of Akhilesh Yadav and the future road to political power and social reform.

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