Remote Bioholography for Restoring the Wave Optics of Chromosomes damaged by the SARS-CoV-2-caused Autoimmunity

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August 25th-27th, 2021


I gave a Keynote Speech at the Plenary Forum at the World Biological Science and Technology Conference 2021, August 25 2021. The Honorary Chairperson was Prof. Mary Elizabeth Anne Sunday, Duke University, USA.  The other two speakers, who gave Keynote Speeches at the Plenary Forum, were Dr. Hiroshi Kida, Hokkaido University, Japan, and Dr. Bo Liang, IVIEW Therapeutics, Inc., USA. In my speech, I have explained why the mRNA “vaccines” and mRNA “boosters” will cause the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference with the resultant AIDS, and, finally, the prion disease (“Mad Man Disease”). The next day after my speech, Japan suspended 1.63 million doses of the Moderna mRNA vaccine.  Below is the text of my speech.

Other renowned speakers are Prof. Robin Ketteler, University College, London, UK; Prof. Jingjun Hong, University of Science and Technology of China, China; Dr. Maliha Zahid, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA; Prof. Pranela Rameshwar, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, USA; Prof. Rajendra Badgaiyan, University of Minnesota, USA; Prof. Stephane Dedieu, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France; Prof. Glenda M. Davidson, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa; Dr. Julie Ledford, University of Arizona, USA; Dr. Wei Guo, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; Dr. Changning Wang, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA; Prof. Suzana Yusup, University Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia; Asst. Prof. Dr. Emin Taner Elmas, Igdir University, Turkey.

I would like to thank the organizers of the World Biological Science and Technology Conference 2021 for inviting me to give a keynote speech at the Plenary Forum.

I am the author of the Fundamental Theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes (1985), and the Founder and President of the Wave Genome LLC biotechnological company (founded in 2010).

The title of my speech is “Remote Bioholography for Restoring the Wave Optics of Chromosomes damaged by the SARS-CoV-2-caused Autoimmunity”.

All proteins in SARS-CoV-2 are homologous to human proteins, except for one. (James Lyons-Weiler, The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, USA, “Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity”, Journal of Translational Autoimmunity, Volume 3, January 1, 2020.)

Homology means that nucleotides fit into each other as a key and a keyhole – by the principle of complementarity.

That is why, COVID-19 causes the Destructive RNA Interference, with the resultant autoimmunity and sterilization.

The effect of the Destructive RNA Interference is the cause for the “Enhanced Immune Response” / “Pathogenic Priming” / ADE (“Antibody-Dependent Enhancement”) / “Cytokine Storm”, and, finally, AIDS.

Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received Noble Prize in 2006 for the discovery of the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference – they took RNA from c.elegans worm and gave it back to the worm, and the worm died.

Thus, in order to treat COVID-19, we need to eliminate the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference.

All treatments, which, like “mRNA vaccines”, introduce even more homologous RNA into a human cell, will inflict more damage due to the Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference.

Even more, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are proven to cause the prion disease, when proteins lose their crystalline structure, acquiring a sponge-like shape, as the result of the structural damage in chromosomes. (J. Bart Classen, MD, “COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease”, “Microbiology & Infectious Diseases” Journal, February 8, 2021.)

It is proven that SARS-CoV-2 is capable of inserting its genetic material into human DNA, so that SARS-CoV-2 is a chimeric virus with the gain of function – a retrovirus under the disguise of a coronavirus.  (“SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome” by Liguo Zhang, Alexsia Richards, Andrew Khalil, Emile Wogram, Haiting Ma, Richard A.Young, Rudolf Jaenisch, BioRxiv, December 13, 2020)

So, first of all, translation of proteins is destroyed by the destructive interaction between the homologous RNA in “vaccine” and the RNA in a human cell.

Secondly, due to their homologous nature, vaccine’s nucleotides get inserted into human DNA, so that a human becomes a walking factory producing a virus.

This, actually, was the idea from the start, and it got called “Safe Gene” or “Gene Drive” biotech by DARPA to make people produce their own “vaccines” (antibodies) by making people produce the virus on the constant basis.

But because virus’ nucleotides got inserted into human DNA, it turns out that man’s immune system attacks itself causing AIDS — the autoimmune disease.

Thus, we need to characterize the “Gain- of-Function” (GOF) and “Dual-Use Research of Concern” (DURC) SARS- CoV-2 as the “Airborne AIDS”. And mRNA vaccines as the “Prion Priming”.

The “COVID-19 global event” gives us an opportunity to rethink the rationale for the “gene editing” via the homologous nucleotides and the reverse transcriptase, dsRNA, treatments via client’s own stem cells, and, as a whole, the rationale for the synthetic computational biology, which violates the structural coherence of chromosomes via adding and subtracting.

We should realize once and for all that the “Genetically Modified Humans” will be as sterile as the “Genetically Modified Plants”.

Even more, if we are not going to deal with the consequences of the GOF SARS- CoV-2 and COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the humankind will experience the Genetic Collapse, and the extinction of human species.

At the moment, the world is on the verge of the global health system collapse due to the impending global prion disease after the eight-year incubation period.

Prion disease is the most severe case of encephalopathy. The mass prion disease will cause the total failure of political and social system.

Wave Genome LLC found a technological solution – the Remote Holographic Drug Delivery — for reversal of the structural damage in chromosomes, and, so, the reversal of the structural damage in proteins.

Humans are water for 85%. But the Universe is energy for 93%, and particles for only 7%. So, humans are the liquid crystal media for 7%, and the wave crystal media for 93%.

In order to restore the structural coherence in the liquid crystal media, we need, first, to restore the structural coherence in the wave crystal media.

The notion of the wave crystal media or Wave Crystal (a crystal consisting of waves) was created by Dr. Irene Caesar in 1985, long before anybody in the field of Bioholography, in her fundamental theory of Wave Optics in Chromosomes.

Wave Crystal is a Refractive Lens, built up by the coherent impulse wave fronts of the scalar nature, with the trigger-signal having its wave length equal to the size of the resonator.

Between cell division cycles, chromatin exists in non-coherent state. But during cell division, chromatin gets literally crystallized, forming two chromatids, which form a chromosome. The structural coherence of the chromosome determines its functionality.

The chromosome consists of two chromatids, combined together in the x-form.  The two chromatids intersect in the center, where they exchange their genetic material.

The same gene is expressed in the functional individuals by metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals via acrocentric chromosome.

Metacentric chromosomes are the X-shaped chromosomes with two arms that are equal in length.

Acrocentric chromosomes are chromosomes with two arms that are not equal in length, meaning they exhibit gross asymmetry.

Metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, while acrocentric chromosome is analogous to a myopic or farsighted eye.

Ability of chromatids to exchange information, and to regenerate and replicate, in general, depends upon the specific geometry of Wave Optics in chromosome.

If this specific geometry of Wave Optics is violated, the chromosome loses its ability to regenerate and replicate.

The same gene in Apes is expressed by the acrocentric chromosome, and in Humans — by the metacentric chromosome.

The same is gene is expressed by the acrocentric chromosome in the wild horses; and by the metacentric chromosome — in the domesticated horses, which are superior to the wild horses.

Children with Down Syndrome differ from normal children by the presence of extra acrocentric chromosome.

Only because female gender chromosome is metacentric, a woman is capable of replicating (giving birth).  And only because male gender chromosome is acrocentric, a man is incapable of replicating (giving birth).

Clearly, the acrocentric chromosome is the result of the destruction of the metacentric chromosome – literally its splitting into halves.

Evidently, Y “male gender” chromosome, which is acrocentric, is the result of degeneration of X “female gender” chromosome, which is properly metacentric.

Structural coherence of the chromosome is its physical shape for 7%, while, for 93%, it is the proper Wave Optics of the scalar wave diffraction grating with properly centered and focused Refraction towards the Zero Center / Focus of the Wave Crystal.

Chromosome is a Wave Crystal with certain Wave Optics, and changes its bioinformation due to the change in its Refraction Mode towards one and only Zero Center / Focus, the same for chromosome and galaxy.

Chromosome is a lens with the Refraction Code, unique for a given individual.

So, we can understand human genome only in terms of wave phenomena, as it truly exists, — as the stages of crystallization of the liquid crystal media, correspondent to the stages of crystallization of the wave crystal media.

The crystallization of the wave crystal media is the emergence of its Bioholographic quality.

The First Stage is the destructive and constructive wave interference.

Wave interference in the living cell results in polarization due to the change of spin in the energy torsion processes.

Human RNAs are the one-strand spiral antennae susceptible to homologous viruses due to the spatial translational symmetry principle.

In Electron microscopy, RNA appears to be the simultaneous torsion firings across the cell. It was reported, though not explained, by Jennifer Doudna, that the application of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology to the living cell had the result of extinguishing the wave activity of RNA.

The Effect of the Destructive RNA Interference is, mainly, the effect of the Destructive Wave Interference.

The Second Stage is the Reflection of waves back upon themselves, due to Polarization in resonators correspondent in their size to the wave length to form a scalar wave.

Scalar wave annuls the external linear signals, when the peak of the forward- going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

The Third Stage is the formation of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating, and its scaling, when every segment of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating itself becomes a Scalar Wave.

This Third Stage is the emergence of Refraction, so that the linear external signal changes its nature, and becomes a Holographic Signal.

Holographic Signal contains inside itself the infinite number of waves (frequencies), particles and fields due to the nonlocality of the Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating.

Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating gets scaled into the macro and micro dimension. That is why it is used to transfer bioinformation instantaneously and remotely – at close and long range.

Quantum Nonlocality is organized in accordance with the Holographic Principle.

The Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point.

Implication of the Holographic Principle states that if the Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other Matrix Point, but is unique (© Dr. Irene Caesar, 2012).

Thus, every Wave Matrix / Biohologram is both nonlocal and unique.

If we have two copies of the same Wave Matrix, we can transmit information remotely and instantaneously between these two copies. In Quantum Nonlocality, they constitute one and the same entity.

All processes of Refraction in the wave crystal media occur towards one and only Zero Center of Quantum Nonlocality, one and the same for galaxy and chromosome.

But each Wave Matrix has its own unique Refraction Code.

Thus, Gene Therapy is possible only through correction of the Wave Optics in chromosomes via restoring the Refraction Code, unique for every human.

Tokens with the same Refraction Code constitute one and the same nonlocal and unique Systematic Whole in the Quantum Nonlocality.

Instead of the vague term “Quantum Entanglement”, I offer the term “Refraction Entanglement” as the basis for the instantaneous and remote transmission of bioinformation between the tokens having one and the same Refraction Code of their Wave Optics.

So, DNA is a tetrapolar scalar wave, which annuls the external linear signals, when the peak of the forward-going wave is annulled by the trough of the same wave when this wave is reflected back upon itself.

DNA scalar wave is continually annulling the simultaneous RNA wave torsions across the cell.  The quality of transcription and translation depends on the coherence of the DNA scalar wave.

I repeat: the resultant Scalar Wave Diffraction Grating has certain Refraction Code, unique and nonlocal for every human.

DNA communication occurs not through chemical or electro-chemical exchange between living cells, but via the Quantum Nonlocality, remotely and instantaneously.

Wave Genome LLC, founded by Dr. Irene Caesar, was the first company in the world to develop Bioholography as the Remote Wave Optics based upon Refraction Codes in the scaled scalar wave diffraction grating.

Refraction Codes are used as the wave modulations of the scalar nature, as client’s unique and nonlocal Biohologram, immune system modulation Biohologram, stem cell modulation Biohologram, etc.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to code electrets with client’s unique Bioholograms.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to produce Bioholographic electronic devices, digital files, and software for the Holographic Drug Delivery for rejuvenation only (founded 2010).

Dr. Irene Caesar co-founded the Quantum Biointernet for the remote rejuvenation via distant laser signal, commercially offered for the first time in the history of humankind by Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome LLC in May 2013.

Dr. Irene Caesar co-founded the “Matrix City” Consortium with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building self-sufficient human settlements based upon the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes for the first time in the history of humankind (founded 2012), presented in the Honorary Lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012.

Reproduction and regeneration success depends on the properly focused Wave Optics of Chromosomes for receiving and transmitting the nonlocal unique Bioinformation from Quantum Biononlocality of the certain Biohologram.

Wave Genome LLC offers (1) electret-based chips structured on nanolevel via laser by client’s digitized hologram, modulated by various modulators, including stem cells; (2) digital bioholograms of healthy physiological systems, of stem cells, and of pharmaceuticals for the Holographic Pharmacy (H-Pharmacy); (3) Holonet (Holographic Biointernet; © Dr. Irene Caesar 2013) for the remote treatment.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to record and transmit the Digital Biohologram of various kinds of Stem Cells, including the stem cells extracted from epithelial cells, and embryonic stem cells, for the Holographic Pharmacy (H-Pharmacy of audio and video files) used in the Bioholographic Remote Stem Cell Therapy.

Wave Genome LLC was the first company in the world to commercially offer the remote Stem Cell Therapy through the Quantum Biononlocality via nonoptical Lasers, capable of creating the Holographic Signal.

Technology of the Laser Polarized Bioholography for the Holonet (Holographic Internet) consists in the knowhow for (1) creating the Holographic Signal, which is, in principle, nonlocal in time and space; (2) and modulating this Holographic Signal via various modulators, including the Digital Biohologram of the Stem Cell.

We can treat the cell degeneration, leading to AIDS and prion disease as the result of COVID-19 global event via applying the Holographic Signal.

I have introduced the new method for recording and remote transmitting of bioholograms via laser spectroscopy and coding electrets on nanolevel via laser.

The technology creates “lenses” assisting our chromosomes in correcting their refraction for focusing genetic bioholographic information, both locally and remotely.

The same way we use lenses to correct eye sight, we can use artificial lenses to correct geometrical optics of chromosomes.

In 2017-2018, my company Wave Genome LLC has developed TESLA psi-generator, which uses the closed egg-shaped capsule which is constructed from the multiple layers of electret and conductor, while electret is coded on nanolevel with the holographic signal, modulated via various modulators.

Major components of the egg-shaped capsule are two concave lenses which are exactly calibrated identically.  In the focus of the first lens is the focus of client’s skull. And in the focus of the second lens is the light-diode source of light, consisting of more than fifty light-diode lamps, which provide coherent impulse light of multiple frequencies, turned on together, or one by one, in specific sequence.

The resultant holographic signal is modulated by the digitized Biohologram of client’s own stem cell, extracted from client’s epithelial cell, and by embryonic stem cell.  The Stem Cell Biohologram is delivered as the audio digital file of binaural therapy, and as visual digital file via virtual reality glasses.

The Stem Cell Biohologram is also delivered via the electret-based chip, structured via laser on nanolevel by the Digitized Stem Cell.

When your cells divide, the Biohologram on the chip makes your chromosomes center and focus, since chromosomes send and receive information (holographic signal) via the Zero Center of their Wave Crystals in accordance with their shape, similar to how our eye functions (changing focus depending on the shape of eye crystal / refraction via diffraction grating).

I was the first scientist in the world who have succeeded in proving by clinical trials that the chip, encoded by the digitized hologram of the pharmaceutical drug on nanolevel by laser, and the DIGITAL PHARMACY of e-holograms function better, than the conventional pharmaceutical drug — more effectively, with no overdose and with no side effects.

In October-December 2017, I have conducted clinical trials for two chips of electret nature, structured on nanolevel via laser with the digitized biohologram of Aspirin, and the digitized biohologram of the Human Embryonic Stem Cell.

Scientific group headed by me, consisted of scientists from the Russian Bauman State Science University in Moscow, the largest and most important Science University in Russia, of MIT level.  We used a newly invented Russian laser spectrograph.

The clinical trials were a blind experiment, and corresponded to all government laws and regulations. The results clearly demonstrated that, in comparison with placebo, the new chip, invented by my company, causes the body reaction similar to taking an Aspirin pill; and the radical improvement of well-being in the case of the chip, coded with the digitized Biohologram of the Human Embryonic Stem Cell.

These successful verification experiments have proven my theory of Genetics as Wave Optics of Bioholography.

The results demonstrate that Wave Genome LLC has created the effective Digital Anticoagulant that has the effect of Aspirin without the side effects and danger of overdose. All pharmaceutical Anticoagulants increase the time of coagulation. The clinical trials demonstrated the increased time of coagulation by the Digital Anticoagulant for the first time in the history of world science.

The Holographic Anticoagulant has a stronger beneficial effect than the pharmaceutical drug itself, due to a better structural coherence.

Also, Wave Genome LLC has conducted experiments with the electret-based chips, structured by laser on nanolevel with the Digital Biohologram of the Embryonic Stem Cell, modulated by client’s Biohologram recorded from client’s photograph.

In multiple cases, it was reported that melanoma moles dry up and fall off within four to five days, when the applicator / chip is applied straight to the mole.

It was also reported that, when the electret-based chip is applied straight to hematoma, the healthy tissue is regenerated much faster than without the application.

It was also reported that the electret-based chip cleared up the neurodermatitis, that the client had for years.

It was also reported that a client had the reversal of the neurological symptoms after being bit by the genetically modified mosquitoes, spreading infection.

Clients had also reported the radical improvement in the case of «Voice to Skull», and other implications of the Directed Energy Weapons, and in the case of other kinds of psychotronic attacks.

PS See also the discovery by Hui Jiang and Ya-Fang Mei proving that SARS-CoV-2 full length spike protein can enter human cell nuclei and interfere with fixing of broken DNA damage.

“SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” by Hui Jiang and Ya-Fang Mei, Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner–Gren Institute, Stockholm University, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden & Department of Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Umeå University, SE-90185 Umeå, Sweden, Academic Editor: Oliver Schildgen

Viruses 2021, 13(10), 2056;

Received: 20 August 2021 / Revised: 8 September 2021 / Accepted: 8 October 2021 / Published: 13 October 2021


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