Remember this great song of Cat Stevens. “Father and Son”?

In America, World

By Vladimir Golstein

Here is my version of this song. The conversation between a father and a son. Let’s call them Hunter (the son) and Joe (the father). The song is satirical, and have no relationship to reality. My readers know it, of course. But just in case, there are some prying eyes of Colonel Petrov, and Major Ivanov. 😉

Hunter: Dad, now that you are #46, I want to be #47. Seven is the only magic number there is, and 4+7 is eleven, and that’s’ how many letters are in my name. Plus, I always say to everyone that I am 47 years old, and I refuse to get older. And speaking of women who are forty seven years old …

Joe: But you know that it is not that easy, we still act as if we have a democratic process. You need to compete and win.

Hunter: What do you mean? Did I have to compete to get to Yale, or get all these cushy jobs in Ukraine or China? Not really. The name Biden speaks for itself and it is time to get out dynasty going. If republican Bush can be a Vice President and then a President, and then turn his son into a president, why can’t we? Would you really allow Republicans to upstage Democrats in this respect? Besides, the name Biden sounds much better than Bush.

Joe: Wow, that’s convincing, and I am sure this argument would have a smooth sailing with DNC. And yes, I was able to twist some arms here and there to get you to Ukraine and keep you out of trouble there.

Hunter: So surely you can do it now as well. After you twisted some arms to get rid of Bernie, and then you twisted some arms … or, sorry, you asked me not to talk about it.

Joe: Well, let me talk to some people at DNC. But first we have to totally decimate Republican Party. Because it is one thing to arrange things with DNC, or get the whole country go mad against Trump, but if Republicans come up with somebody thoughtful serious and charismatic, you might be cooked.

Hunter: Well, why can’t we ask our favorite oligarch to ask his antifa friends to throw another little riot that we can blame on deranged Republicans. Once it occurs, we can always ask social media to fully block this stupid old party – -who needs their retrograde opinions in any case, and then you’ll talk to Twitter people – they are your friends, aren’t they – -and they would start campaign on my behalf. If Russians could turn FB around with a few fake accounts and arrange Trump’s victory, we surely can do better than that.

Joe: Well, all this is good, but there is this Kamala. Who’s been telling everyone that she is 47 and she intends to keep it this way till 2024.

Hunter: Well, we’ll need to expose her. Maybe she looks 47 to you, but she is older. Much older. Let’s start exposing this fakehood of hers. And then let’s planning another operation by tying her to Russians. We can’t tie her to Chinese, because I am already tied to Chinese. But Russians are always good. “Kamala Harris’ secret rendezvous with Putin.” The Steele-Mille Dossier. We can always ask our Ukrainian friends who still remember their Russian to concoct the secret documents for us.

Joe: OK, son. After all, I frequently neglected you and never gave you much except this lousy job in Ukraine and the sniffing, sorry snorting habit. So that’ll be my gift to you and to the American people on your 47th birthday.

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