‘Relecturas’ / Rereadings. Museum Itineraries from a Gender Perspective

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By Pilar Viviente

‘Relecturas’, in English ‘Rereadings’, is a project that takes place in the city of Valencia, Spain. According to UV source, posted in News, 15 Valencian museums analyze a hundred works from a gender perspective through the project ‘Rereadings’.


More than a hundred works from Valencian museums studied and analyzed from a gender perspective in order to promote equality also through the heritage preserved in museums. This is what the Rereadings project allows. Museum itineraries in a gender key, coordinated by the University of Valencia (UV), and in which a total of 15 Valencian museums already participate.


Each museum institution has developed an itinerary or tour in a gender key, selecting the pieces and spaces of its permanent collection that show significant interest in relation to gender representations. From here, and through the Relecturas website, the project makes a different reading of the exhibited collections through the gender perspective, to help the public better understand it when visiting it in the museum. In total, more than a hundred works of different styles and genres have been analyzed due to the diversity of the participating museums. In Rereadings University collections coexist, with 16th century paintings, 12th century ceramics or contemporary sculptures by Julio González. The common denominator or nexus between all of them is the gender perspective. The analyzed pieces are organized by museums and also by themes. Rereadings thus becomes an online analytical tool aimed at providing new narratives of the permanent exhibitions and collections of Valencian museums.

Rereadings is coordinated by the professor of the University of Valencia and director of the ‘Servei de Cultura Universitària’, Ester Alba, and Liliane Cuesta, curator of the National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts ‘González Martí’ and head of the Diffusion Area. Both are pleased that this project, which was born three years ago, has been adding more and more museums, collections and views to analyze gender stereotypes and androcentrism that have traditionally guided the exhibition discourse, collections and even cultural spaces.


Rereadings was born in 2017, with the realization of a series of itineraries, from the gender perspective, in 6 Valencian museums, and the design of a cultural route, which was in charge of connecting the participating museums at that time in the project, located both in the city of Valencia and in its metropolitan area. In this first phase of the project, a better knowledge of Valencian cultural heritage was contributed, links were strengthened between the participating museums, regardless of their ownership and regardless of the administration they depended on, their specialty, size and even their location.


Over the years, these first 6 participating museums increased to 11 in the second phase of the project, until reaching the 15 museums that currently make up the network of Rereadings in Phase III: Col·lecció Museogràfica Permanent Etnogràfica De La Casa Gran, IVAM. Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, L’ETNO. Museu Valencià d’Etnologia, MUSEARI, Museums and Collections of the University of Valencia, National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts ‘González Martí’, Visigoth Museum of ‘Pla de Nadal’, Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, Museum of Ceramics of Manises, Museum ‘Comarcal de l’Horta Sud Josep Ferrís March’, Museum of History of Valencia, Municipal Museum of Ceramics of Paterna, Museum of ‘Palmito de Aldaia’, Museum of Prehistory of Valencia and Museum of ‘Rajoleria de Paiporta’.

The financing of the project in the first two phases was provided by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. In this phase three, the Vice President for Culture of the University of Valencia has taken over. This third phase is focused on the addition of new museums and itineraries, a greater number of pieces investigated and the enrichment of the web with two new areas for Education and Dissemination, from which to disseminate all those studies, didactic materials and related research with the objective of the project.


Since the eighties, the University of Valencia has developed research from a gender perspective and focused on its problems. Since then, the number of projects, informative scientific meetings, courses, programs and publications dedicated to women, equality and critical discourses that rethink these issues, carried out by university researchers, has grown exponentially.


Source: UV.

Posted in News


According to the official Rereadings website ( http://relecturas.es/projects/ ), “Gender incorporates a range of characteristics (roles, attitudes, physical attributes, standards of behaviour, sexuality, etc.) which are associated with people, generally based on their sex, forming a system for classifying individuals into specific categories. Gender is neither innate nor static.


Femininity, masculinity, stereotypes, assigned roles … These are some of the themes dealt with in the project Rereadings. Museum Itineraries from a Gender Perspective. This project, subsidized by the Government of Valencia and through a study by the Universitat de València, offers a range of views of the collections housed at each one of the participating museums, with the aim of generating new discourses which will allow visitors to reflect on the role of women, patriarchal myths and social inequality between men and women.

Visiting these museums entails considering what role history plays in this area and questioning our own role in fostering such attitudes. Rereadings proposes a visit at various levels of information. What you choose to discover is up to you. In the download area, you will find information sheets for each piece and a glossary of gender terms.”


Participating Museums are in the interactive map available on the Rereadings Project website. Also, to follow the current Cultural Route, download the leaflet from the website – http://relecturas.es/projects/


If now, in this 3rd phase, fifteen Valencian museums open the doors of their collections to make them accessible to the public from the standpoint of gender, more museums are expected to join the Cultural Route in the future. The Rereadings project is future-oriented.

According to the website, “Rereadings is intended to be an ongoing dialogue between the museum and its surroundings. It proposes a cultural tour which links various museums, fine arts as well as ethnography and history, while also making it possible to connect the city of Valencia with municipalities in the Horta Sud district, including Mislata, Torrent and Aldaia.


Rereadings is conceived as an ongoing work in progress to which will be added more museums, new pieces, signage at participating museums, series and lectures. Therefore, if you would like to find out what we are doing, keep an eye on this website.”


Long life to the Project Rereadings!





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