Rape is a regular feature in India

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By Zeba Yasmeen

Rape with a girl is actually a rape with every Women’s soul

A morning with hot ginger tea and a newspaper in your hand makes a fresh start. The moment your eye catches a rape case in the headlines devastate your beautiful morning into an ugly one.

As per recent NCRB report in 2018, 1 rape case is reported every 15 minutes in India. That means while writing this article I wouldn’t be able to help a woman against rape. Rape tops all the crime against women among Dowry, Honour killing, Domestic violence, Female foeticide/infanticide, acid attack, Witchcraft, Eve-teasing, Marital rapes, Child marriages etc.

Root cause

The main question pops up every mind that what is the core reason behind crime against women. Every single woman is going to completely agree with me that it is “Gender Inequality”. Gender inequality has led to maximum number of crimes against women. The upbringing of a child is also a root cause because a child is given teachings according to his or her gender. Lets analyse the three phases of nurturing:

  1. A girl child is given a doll and a kitchen set that sets their mind there and then that girls should be good at cooking and should learn to take care of a child rather a boy is given a ball and a gun which tells them that they have to play and be powerful.
  2. A teenage girl is taught to think about family’s dignity and boys are taught to build muscles.
  3. A grown up girl is taught to look after the entire home and not to step out alone rather a man is taught that he is the only bread earner and head of the family.

This the way how we promote Gender Inequality so we are also equally responsible for the current crime rate against women.

 Little light on Graph

As per latest studies, India is among one of the dangerous countries for Women. NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)  presents the output as per the input given that means in simple terms that it counts the cases which are registered. A large number of cases go unreported due to restrictions on females due to overloaded cultural values. As per the reports approx. 65% Men think that females should keep quite on violence for the sake of family peace and respect.

Some independent, educated and strong females come forward to register their case which comes in the records of NCRB. One chief reason for unreported case is our judiciary. Our police and judiciary failed to make women trust them. After the rape, police do the character assassination of the girl and family. Thereafter the hearing starts in court and it continues till the time girl and family don’t give up.

Government with no solution but we have ………..

For me the simple equation is

“ Brutal Crime , Brutal Punishment “

Instead of waiting for the government to take measures , initially we should start treating boys and girls same. We should give same teaching and upbringing to both. Trust me, it will reduce 50% crimes against women. Rest government should make a strict law and fast proceeding to punish the culprits. Nothing less than capital punishment should be discussed in rape case.

Lets take an example of much talked about rape case of 2012  ”Nirbhaya Case”.

She was brutally raped in 2012 and later died during treatment after few days. Instead of putting the case into fast track , culprits got hanged in 2020. Now can you feel the pain of the family. After losing their daughter they fought for justice for 8 year. I met them in 2017, could feel the pain in their smile.

So the only solution is :

* Gender Equality

* Strict Law and fast judicial procedure

* Capital Punishment

Thank you,

Zeba Yasmeen

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