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Updated Mar 16, 2019 | 12:00 IST | Frank Huzur

The Socialist heartland of India is mourning the martyrdom of over 40 Central Reserve Police Personnel who fell prey to the cowardly and dastardly terrorist attack in #Pulwama, Kashmir, yesterday afternoon. The entire nation is in grief over the news of the tragedy. It is not only deeply saddening but also nerve-wracking for the family of the slain soldiers, as 12 martyrs belonged to the largest state of Uttar Pradesh alone.

Former UP Chief Minister and nation president of Samajwadi Party Akhilesh Yadav was quick to condemn the despicable terror attack the other day. Today he rushed to Ajaan village in Tirwa tehsil of district Kannauj to pay his soulful condolences to the family of the deceased soldier Pradeep Singh.

A true socialist patriot with schooling in Dholpur military school of which he had been immensely proud of, Akhilesh was overwhelmed with sorrow during his interaction with the the teary-eyed, daughter and grief stricken wife and other family members of the martyred Jawan.

Our condolences to the families of the martyrs & my thoughts go out to all those who we have lost in the dastardly terror attack. We socialists are united together in this time of national grief and strongly condemn this shameful attack. There is a growing national outrage over the ghastly incident. We urge the government to move ahead with wisdom and foresight in avenging the brutal killing of our brave hearts and hope the BJP government will take tough action against Pakistan for sheltering the anti-India terrorist outfit, JeM.

However, the ruling dispensation in New Delhi can’t escape the public scrutiny over the Himalayan intelligence failure. Regular loss of precious lives in Kashmir could have been avoided with alertness of the intelligence and administrative machinery. NarendraModi government has failed in its Kashmir policy.

In light of the magnitude of the tragedy, socialist leader has issued an appeal to the members of Samajwadi Party across the nation, urging them to visit the families of the deceased soldiers and offer unconditional social, economic and emotional support in these hours of distress.

Akhilesh Yadav questions the failed Kashmir and Pakistan policy of Narendra Modi government after paying a condolence visit to the village of slain CRPF jawan Mahesh Yadav of Prayagraj district in Uttar Pradesh.

Popular socialist leader and former Chief Minister also demanded probe into the Pulwama terrorist attack as several reports pouring in have been creating doubts in the public mind ahead of the LokSabha elections.

Samajwadi Party nation President was deeply overwhelmed by the sorrowful situation in the home of the deceased soldier. Especially the grief stricken countenance of the soldier’s son left him absolutely poignant and filled his compassionate heart with angst and wound.

Emotionally distressed by the sorry sight of the small boy and his mother, Akhilesh wondered if the BJP had any hearts for the sacrifices of our soldiers because the ruling party continues to be in the boisterous poll mode and banking on hyper nationalism and created jingoism to exploit people’s anger into votes.

In contrast, failure of the BJP government in securing our borders assumes more relevance in the turbulent times than anything else. Modigovtcan not escape accountability under the cover of pent up nationalism.

People are suffering and they don’t wish to lose more soldiers.

The truth of caste behind hyper nationalism:

The 40 jawans were primarily from lower-caste communities. In all, they comprised 19 jawans from Other Backward Classes (or backward castes), seven from Scheduled Castes, five from Scheduled Tribes, four from upper-caste backgrounds, one high-caste Bengali, three Jat Sikhs, and one Muslim.

So, only five out of the 40 jawans, or 12.5 percent, came from Hindu upper-caste backgrounds.

This figure bears out a truism starkly visible in India at present—the Hindutva nationalism of the urban middle-class, largely spearheaded by right-wing groups, conveniently exploits the sacrifices of the downtrodden.

Samajwadi Party (SP) nation president and former Uttar Pradesh CM AkhileshYadav launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led central government over its failed policies and the Pulwama terror attack in south Kashmir. Popular socialist leader said that the country doesn’t need bullet trains instead our soldiers need bulletproof jacket to protect themselves from bullet of enemies.

Taking a jibe at the government over alleged failure of intelligence that led to Pulwama terror attack, SP nation president said, “Why is Intelligence failing? You can’t compensate for loss of lives.”

He also advised the BJP to put its all political events on hold and develop a strategy to secure the borders first.

“The nation is with security forces and jawans. If all political parties have put their political events on hold, ruling party should do the same and form a long term strategy to secure borders,” former UP CM Akhilesh said.



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