On Armenia-Azerbaijan violence: How Many Chances to War Can We Give?

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By Vladimir Golstein

“But there is also military business, and war – mongering business, and fear business, and panic business. And there is no business like weapons business.” Absolutly the world business number one like Wallenstein in the 30 years war. A business agenda that fits the doomsday scenario of the Gretas as well as the rest of the eugenicists in the Oligarch classes.

UN is clearly ineffective in preventing wars and mayhem. United States — a natural candidate for maintaining peace and stability all over the world — has given up on this role with mind-numbing ease. Of course, people used to say that business of America is business, and business needs stability. But there is also military business, and war-mongering business, and fear business, and panic business. And there is no business like weapons business. So instead of being the source and agent of stability, United States has decided to excel in searching and slaying monsters abroad with the weapons it produces, while scaring its own population into hiding under desks or masks or whatever is on sale.

Russia, which in good old days could have interfered, prefers to sit on the fence and play the role of the arbiter. Envious position for sure, especially since US had given up on it.

I suspect, China — a country that truly understands that the business of China is business — also wants to play the role of arbiter. And so does Iran. Consequently, the only active player in the region is Turkey, which of course, took sides.

Conclusion: until these countries that try to play the role of arbiter get together and organize some local self-help and local peace-keeping — the violence, murder of civilians, and flood of refugees will continue. Waiting for the impartial involvement from US or UN, is like waiting for “the government of the people, by the people, and for the people” to emerge after the next presidential election.

If the business of a country is to control someone else’s business, peace is the casualty. The Chinese understand this, the USA (and the EU) don’t!
We’re seeing a huge global shift. China uses it’s economic muscle, Russia uses it’s Military muscle. Both have the polity to exercise this without overly hurting their citizens, the USA and EU don’t.
If Russians and Chinese societies were governed by a lie or tyranny (which the West asserts), they’d be unstable – they aren’t.
The West is very unstable. Its blamed on Covid. I think the governing measures against Covid are a lie.
Follow the dots!

The United Nations were only United for defeating Hitler. The US serves its twin masters of Israel and Saudi Barbaria/Gulfies. The Russ has a sizable Muslim minority and deep ties with former Soviet republics, so it’s not going to go charging to the rescue of Armenia, but will try to reason with all sides. What sticks in the craw is the former Ottoman provinces that were liberated by the Russ that have turned into western puppets, to wit: Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. Treacherous Georgia has refused transit overflights to landlocked Armenia & the Russ have to supply it thru Iran.

Armenia had it really good as part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Intermarriages between Christian Armenians and Muslim Azerbaijanis were not that uncommon in the USSR and Turkey’s aggression upon Armenian territory was totally out of the question. It’s as if the millennium of “independence” prior to joining the Empire didn’t teach people its lessons.

Death and destruction (not even to mention abject economic poverty) is what Armenian people pay today for “independence”, so a few local oligarchs could fight for more money and power. Just the sheeple in Zbignev Brzezinski’s perfectly executed plan to divide and conquer.

When it comes to Russia getting into action against Erdogan’s global ambitions, the Turkish Stream (South Stream) gas pipe into Turkey and into the European markets is a major part of the equation, so Oligarch-controlled Russia is unlikely to get off the fence.

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