Nearby Shores

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By Prof. Pilar Viviente

Jun 15th, 2021

Start each day

In the nearby shores

Walking and looking around

End each day

Where the warm embrace

Between the sea and the land

Takes place

And, every day you die,

It will be in paradise

Spilling gold dust

Melting into liquid gold

Yellow, ductile and malleable

On the metal sheets of the sunset

To better see

Listen the sea

The teaching of the sea

Is that what gives shape to the stone is the wave

Be found within that objects

Just being themselves

On the edge of a body of water

And the conglomerate earth

Gea shows her sex

On the border of two universes

Find a home

Miles of Neptune grass

Lungs of the sea

The best of mattresses

Goodbye mask!

My nose breathes

Rumor of waves

Saltpeter aromas

In the distance the siren of an ambulance wakes me up

Photo Credit: Stones Waves © 2021 Pilar Viviente

Neptune Grass © 2021 Pilar Viviente

Article for the June issue of 2021.

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