Narendra Modi & BJP scared of brave heart soldier Tej Bahadur

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By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The way BJP and its top leaders went after former BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur and got his nomination papers cancelled showed the total disregard of the ruling party for democratic procedures.

I am not the person who get along with these hype but as an individual Tej Bahadur is entitled to contest elections.

Why is Narendra Modi and his team so afraid of him?

In fact, Modi, an ostentatious fan of militarism and India’s military should have honored Tej Bahadur for raising the issue of corruption in the armed forces.

The district election officers are becoming too meek to question the authority. A Smriti Irani can bulldoze any officer and tell him who she is.

BJP leaders at the district level are threatening political opponents and officers with dire consequences.

EVM machines are programmed for voting ‘Kamal’ and the entire Sanghi media is singing ‘Modi Modi’ and yet, the raja is so disturbed.

There are some issues which have made the BJP’s Supreme leader so frightened.

Technically, in any good and decent democracy, parties have one common understanding of not fielding powerful candidates against leaders of political parties. We all need good leaders, ideologues to be in Parliament and that is the space for discussions and debates.

With fake ‘intellectuals’ like Modi and Shah, all opponents are now ‘enemies’ and they must be crushed at all cost.

This is the Shah doctrine of demolishing the leaders of the opposition parties and capture their parties later in the ‘national interest’.

You do all the wrongs and media will present it as ‘Chankya Niti’ and ‘masterstroke’ of Amit Shah. Ridiculous!

To be frank, opposition stand no chances in Varanasi but it has a right to put a good candidate. Unfortunately, that does not exists this time.

A good fight in Varanasi would have compelled Narendra Modi to speak desperate and intemperate language that he is using these days. Former Chief Minister of Bihar, Rabri Devi yesterday accused Modi of spreading ‘Bhashaai Aatankwad’ Linguistic Terrorism.

Modi, though, still remains invincible in his Lok Sabha constituency and Savarnas are still mesmerized by his rhetorical ‘speech’ and rabid communal and regressive ‘nationalism’.

Savarnaas are now realising how India has become a big ‘global’ power. For Savaranas development is not the issue, their caste domination remain the main issue and Modi has assured them that the Savarna domination in our political and executive life over OBC, SC, ST would continue.

The sad part is that a number of the OBCs are still in awe of Modi though as far as Dalits and Muslims are concerned, they are clear and unambiguous.

Those who talk of Modi’s powerful national security issue forget that Indian security forces have been targeted more during his regime. The killings of 15 commandos of the Maharashtra police in Gadhchiroli is a reminder of how we are pushing our jawans into these dangerous zones.

State continue to abdicate its responsibility and feel that they will respond with full might without taking people into confidence. Pathankot, Pulwama, Gadhchiroli and so many others, national security become the biggest casualty in this regime.
This government work through advertising blitz and is still under the impression that it can befool people all the time through such bogus propaganda campaigns and fake news.

While Tej Bahadur’s nomination papers were cancelled without giving him an opportunity, the terror accused Pragya Thakur enjoys the Saffron certificate of nationalism. The lies and deceit of Sangh Parivar are now open in public.

The way, they misused public institutions, termed everybody as enemy must compel all the socialist and secular, democratic forces to ensure that Sangh Parivar become ideologically and politically redundant.

For that a unity for a decade is required and with single agenda to strengthen our democratic institutions and put India’s diversity in these institutions and fight against all kind of hegemonies.

Democratise these institutions which today are totally under brahmanical control, which is the biggest ‘contribution’ of Narendra Modi and Sangh parivar government.

Let us not give too much to the Varanasi incident. Samajwadi Party can challenge this in the Court purely on legal grounds though expecting too much from court is our weakness knowing fully well the times we are in.

In the meantime, #Mahagathbandhan in UP and Bihar must focus on their constituencies.

By fielding BSF Jawan, SP national President Akhilesh Yadav rattled the confidence of PM Modi and successfully demolished the fake nationalism narrative of the BJP. Small surprise, BJP frightened of public opinion and rising reputation of Tej Bahadur worked out a sinister conspiracy to discredit and malign the brave heart soldier and eventually misused the Election Commission for getting his nomination papers rejected.

People are very angry and are determined to teach BJP a lesson for insulting the troopers and their sacrifices.

Congress party should focus on Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattishgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra to ensure its cadre are working fully to defeat the saffron Manuwadi Party.

This is no time to be complacent. We can not rest till May 19th.

Let us hope nation will celebrate its new dawn on May 23rd when the hegemonists will be defeated.

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