Muhammad Ali: Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A Bee

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Today marks 50 years since Muhammad Ali stepped back into the ring after his 3-year exile opposing the Vietnam War.

His first bout back was against Jerry Quarry in Atlanta, Georgia and resulted in a win after three rounds after Quarry was cut.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Ali’s comeback

“I’m young; I’m handsome; I’m fast. I can’t possibly be beaten” – #MuhammadAli

The Only Boxer Who Achieved All Outside His Prime Years… His Prime Years Were Stolen But He Reclaimed What Was His…

His famous quote still resonates: I fly like a bee and sting like a butterfly.

Unfortunately, many mistook Ali’s brash talks and cockiness as vanity. This isn’t true.

Many boxers during the early days were monosyllabic. They hardly talked to help to promote the fights.

Ali, then as a young Cassius Clay, pick it up and learned from a famous wrestler during his time. Wrestlers then and now are filled up with larger than life characters to promote their fights.

Every fight which is scripted and staged, turned into a community event, like a fun-fair. He picked up that trick and trade and made boxing to more than just a brutal fight between 2 men in a raised square ring.

Ali in short, is a one-man marketing machine. He has the gift of the gab besides his lightning reflexes to jab mercilessly.

He made every fight appears like a real big contest. Some of his opponents were relatively nondescript boxers, but Ali turned them into folk heroes.

Anyone, regardless of their threats or skill levels, who fought Ali will always be remembered in the annals of boxing.. Simply because they were in the ring with the Legend.

His career was fun to watch! He had it all; skills, brains, looks and big Heart.

Damn – I’m so fast even my reflection is a blur!!

Nobody can ever beat the spirit the Greatest embodied and continues to embody.

He was the greatest. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

I always loved his confidence. It seemed that some were offended by his confidence because he didn’t fall in line with the status quo. Salute!

Greatest of All Time. #GOAT

Even Pele, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson confessed that Muhammad Ali was more popular than them, more popular than any.

The grass may weather and the flower may fade but his love endures forever.

If he was still alive I am sure that the president of France will suffer blows from him because of what he said about the prophet Muhammad. If he was alive today he would have never voted for President Donald J. Trump

#AliCenter #TheGreatestKnockout #AliComeback

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