Modi is a Mirage. Mirage Touch turned everything into dust

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Modi is a mirage. In 2014, the thought of Modi to many was like a green oasis in the desert. But it was a mirage. Only a Mirage.

Majority believed him to be one with the MidasTouch. But whatever the man touched almost everything turned to dust, not gold.

Garrulous Gujju PM is a perfect example of optical illusion in Indian politics.

Nonetheless, poor masses stretched forth their hands to gather the mirage in their hearts.

From illiterate to semi-literate to well-educated gentry of country saw in Narendra Modi all the rays of hope without realising that his party’s rhetoric was restrained by the refraction of Hindutva light from the sky by heated air of hate and division.

I am reminded of his hallucination again after reading the #Budget_2020 review and its ripple-effect.

Demonetisation, GST, Jan-Dhan, Mudra, Make-In-India, Kashmir, CAA_NRC_NPR & What Not–All these things shimmered and flickered and wavered in the mirage of Modi and his Steward Shah. Modi and Shah are victims of mutual hallucination.

Decoyed by a mirage, Indian people have gone too far—so far that there was no going back but only more painful descent into the depth of despair. .

Full Report Card of Narendra Modi

You will be shocked to see how India has changed in last 5 years…

1. India is now suffering from Highest Unemployment Rate in 45 years (NSSO data).

2. All Top 10 most polluted cities in world are now in India (WHO data).

3. Number of Indian Soldiers Killed is highest in 30 years now (Washington Post).

4. India now has Highest Income Inequality in 80 years (Credit Suisse Report).

5. India has become world’s worst country for women (Thomas Reuters Survey).

6. Kashmiri youth joining militancy is highest in 10 years (Indian Army data).

7. Indians Farmers suffered Worst Price Crash in 18 years (WPI Data).

8. Highest ever Cow related violence and Mob Lynchings on record after Modi became PM (India Spend Data).

9. India is now World’s Second most Unequal Country (Global Wealth Report).

10. Indian Rupee is now Asia’s worst Performing Currency (Market Data).

11. India has become World’s Third Worst Country in Environment Protection (EPI 2018).

12. First time in history of India, foreign funding and corruption is legalized (Finance Bill 2017).

13. Current PM Modi is the Least accountable Prime Minister in 70 years (First PM to give 0 press conferences).

14. First time in history of India, CBI vs CBI, RBI vs Govt, SC vs Govt fights happened because Modi wanted control of all democratic Institutions.

15. First time in history of India, 4 Supreme Court judges gave a press conference to say ”Democracy is in Danger”.

16. First time in history of India, top secret Defence documents stolen from Defence Ministry office (Rafale).

17. Intolerance and Religious Extremism is highest in 70 years (Personal observation because no data for this exists).

18. Indian Media is now Worst in 70 years (Personal Observation).

19. First time in history of India, if you criticize the Govt, you will be labeled Anti-National.

20. India flung 7 positions more in World Happiness Index( this year, its 145 out of 170 country’s). Pak is 67th.

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