Like A Phoenix, Socialist Voice Akhilesh Yadav Has To Rise Up Again

In Akhilesh Yadav

By Dr Aziz Qureshi, Former Governor, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Mizoram

The evening is long but its only the evening
(Lambi hai gham ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai) FAIZ AHMED FAIZ
Kam nahi hoti bhatak jaane se shaan-e-karwaan, Ye to manzil hi ki qismat hai ke manzil dur hai. (The glory of the caravan does not lessen

Simply because it has wandered from its path
Its the fate of the manzil that it is still distant)

The decision about Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections has been made and anti- democratic forces and anti-secular elements are now ruling the roost. Their sorcery has stunned our minds. Blinded by this offensive blaze, I am probing the chambers of my heart for those lost rows of glowing candles. In this communal hurricane which has fragmented this teeming humanity. I see a storm rising in this tempestuous ocean. I am observing a young, brave and courageous man, a lone warrior whose name is Akhilesh Yadav.

Uttar Pradesh’s election campaign has been played out in front of everyone’s eyes. The world has seen that in innumerable places, the ruling party members and office bearers were not even allowed to enter villages. Empty chairs greeted Modi and Amit Shah’s rallies. People heard Amit Shah’s angry rejoinder ‘Finish this empty roadshow, the public is just not there, not responding.’ BJP had to postpone many rallies because the public did not show up. Despite all this, guess what? BJP won. Questions were raised from all quarters on the results of the election. Fake votes, duplicate ballot papers, overnight EVM replacement. Dictatorship of DM and his subordinates, officials spreading fear and terror among people to prevent them from casting their votes.
To expose the chicanery and reveal the truth, an impartial agency is needed immediately but the BJP Government will never allow this to happen. This is not my own personal indictment of the system; I am just repeating the sounds that are emanating from the entire country. In the present atmosphere all is doomed, democracy, secularism, constitution, fundamental rights, individual freedom. Equally blighted and endangered is the future of India. It is the political responsibility, the bounden duty of every Indian citizen, his/her moral, religious, social obligation to save the nation.

For that, even if we shed the last drop of our blood and the last breath of our life, we will fight the good fight. Akhilesh Yadav, the solitary crusader has displayed courage, valour, zeal, fervour and spirit in confronting this menace. Every farmer, every woman, every labourer, every youth needs to follow his example.

Each one of us should promise and announce to the world that until these anti- democratic, anti-secular, anti-freedom forces are defeated, we will confront them at every step, be it home, road, market, khet-khaliyan, village chaupaal. Also in every school college and university. We will give them a befitting reply and expose them; we will give them a resounding defeat. Until the black clouds of oppression, injustice and dictatorship are pulverised and a new sun dawns, we cannot sit still. Until we wipe every tear from the eyes of our fellow citizens, our struggle will be unrelenting.

Without caring for himself Akhilesh Yadav will have to continue his struggle against these forces of darkness with the same courage and determination he has always displayed so that black shadows of these darkest nights are forever banished.

I say with humility and conviction that Akhilesh Yadav is a worthy candidate for the position of the Prime Minister of the country. He is the hope for India’s future. Today, India’s democracy, secularism, fundamental rights and constitution is under the darkest of clouds. To dispel them, our youth, our farmers, our labourers have to come forward. Equally our students and our intellectuals; everyone has to take up the challenge. In the entire country, a democratic movement on the peaceful path of Mahatma Gandhi will have to be adopted so that this dark, sinister night can forever end. For this we must initiate our glorious movements from the past; Non- cooperation, Khilafat Andolan, Namak Satyagraha, Bharat Chhodo Andolan, Dandi March. Movements that arose on the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi. They will have to be reignited so that our beloved India is saved and hundred and thirty crore Indians are emancipated from these dictators and the dividers of humanity.

It is therefore essential that Akhilesh Yadav and others who have won the elections should declare a new war against these enemies of the people.
According to the poet Ahmad Faraz,
Dekho ye mere khwab tthe, dekho ye mere zakhm hain, Maine to sab hisab-e-jaan bar sar-e-aam rakh diya. (See these are my dreams, these are my wounds
I have exposed all my life’s reckonings before the world)

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