Know the Difference Between Hoisting and Unfurling of the Tricolour

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On 15th August, on India’s Independence Day, the tricolour, our national flag is “hoisted”, whereas on the 26th January, that is, on our Republic Day, it is “unfurled”.

What is the difference between hoisting the flag and unfurling the same?

Well, on 15th August, the flag is kept folded, down at the middle of the flag pole, and is pulled up at the tip of the pole before it is spread out. This is hoisting of a flag. It signifies the country was freed after a span of colonial domination.

On the other hand, on 26th January (since 1950) the tricolour is unfurled, that is, the flag stays high up at the tip of the flag pole, (not at the middle or lower height of the pole) folded, and is spread out with the pull of the rope.
This is unfurling of the tricolour. It signifies that as a flag of an already free country, it cannot stay hung at a lower height, but is held high above.

This is a small but very SIGNIFICANT aspect of how our tricolour is honoured with the country’s history.

Let us remember its glory today and realize our true duty as an Indian: it’s not of narrow nationalism, but inclusion and unity in diversity.

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