Jayant Jigyasu’s Heartwarming Letter to Grand Alliance Trailblazer Tejashwi Yadav

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प्रिय तेजस्वी भाई जी!
आपने हम सबको बताया है कि राजनीति में शोक संतप्त नहीं हुआ जाता. समाज में शालीन रहना है, सड़़क पर सतत मुखर रहना है सरकार की ग़लत नीतियों के खिलाफ़. वस्तुत:, यही सूत्र है, यही जंतर है.

Dear Brother,
You fought bravely. Whatever the result be, undoubtedly you’re a Warrior who laboured very hard tirelessly, and addressed 17-17 big public meetings-a-day in the scorching sun. During last 5 years you were on roads against all sort of discrimination and oppression.

You raised voice against the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula, you were on roads with all your party MLAs on the issue of Dalit-Adiwasi rights. You and the RJD were on streets of Delhi, Patna and many cities and blocks against anti-marginalised 13 point Roster System for the recruitment of university teachers. You discharged your duty with dignity and integrity.

We don’t have to lose our hearts. Lalu ji lost 5 elections (Assembly elections Feb 2005 & Oct 05, Gen. elections 09, Assembly elections 2010 and Gen. elections 2014) consequitively, but his morale was always high.

You’re very strong, dedicated and determined. You’ve no option to fail but emerge as victorious in the coming days, and for that we’ve to fight incessantly.

My Captain!
Remember what you said at Constitution Club, “Even if we don’t win a single seat, I won’t stop fighting to protect, defend and preserve our constitution and the very idea of India”.

Whenever there was attack on Constitutional values and morality, you stood. You compelled Nitish Kumar to bring a resolution against discriminatory NRC. There was another resolution in the assembly for Caste census to be conducted by Census Commission of India as per the Census Act, 1948.

It could be possible because of you and your commitment. Not only this, but you made RJD the first political party of this country which ensured reservation for the Dalit, Adiwasi and Extremely Backward Castes in its organizational elections.

You gave tickets to 16 women, 18 Muslims, 7 Kushwahas, and 23 EBCs (more EBC candidates than those of JDU, i.e. 18) this time.

My Beloved Leader!
You’ve set an example in this Assembly elections that this is how one should set narrative and place people’s agenda before the public with all humility and grace.

We’re always with you in glory or misery, and ready to move forward under your honest and skilled leadership.

We must have the spirit of Santiago! “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.”
(Ernest Hemingway in his celebrated and Nobel Prize winning novel “The Old Man and the Sea”)

In such dark times Gandhi gives us light, “चारों तरफ हिंसा के तूफान के बीच भी अहिंसा का हमारा नन्हा-सा दीया प्रज्ज्वलित रहना चाहिए”.

We shall fight
We shall winwin!

तू शाहीं है परवाज़ है काम तेरा
तिरे सामने आसमाँ और भी हैं
(अल्लामा इक़बाल)

Best wishes for future endeavors!


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