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March 28, 2021


Moscow, Russia

We now have an enemy that humanity has not yet had. It is a global enemy that does not belong to any national state. Therefore, no discourse regarding interethnic strife, interracial strife, strife between national states has anything to do with the present moment, and is harmful and leads away from the essence of the issue. Now we are dealing with a global criminal organized group («organized crime») that is striving for power. And it is striving for power with completely new methods that have never been used before — in a war between national states. The ideology of this group also does not apply to any world religion, or to any sect that existed before. This is a completely new ideology. And we must clearly understand this ideology in order to know our enemy, and to know in what ways we will fight this enemy, and what this enemy has in store for us. If we do not understand what they have in store for us, we will not be able to organize.

So what did they have in store for us? A new global empire is being prepared — “Cyber ​​Zion” or “New Jerusalem” — based on a two-class society: cyber slaves and cyber masters. Moreover, the difference between these classes will not be according to Marx, and not according to the English economists, and not according to any economic, political, social differences. This difference will be an interspecies difference. That is, the creation of two types of living beings is being prepared. And if we do not understand this, we will not be able to adequately confront this enemy — an organized criminal group, which, again, has nothing to do with any national differences, because they are Russian by blood, R1a1, nor with any world religions, not with Judaism, I want to stress again, not with the Vatican, and not even with Satanism. This is a completely new ideology.

So, the new ideology is the creation of a two-species society, where there will be two biological species, and one of the species will be deprived not only of economic, social and political rights: this new species will be deprived of the possibility of perception and cognitive abilities — of the perception and cognition of reality. A global moronization of the world’s population is planned. Moreover, this ruling class of slave traders, slave owners, masters will be only 1% of the world population. And 99% of the world’s population is prepared for a global debilization.

This new kind of «service man» or «cyber slave» will not be capable of childbirth. These two species will not be able to interbreed with each other, that is, create joint offspring. Cyber ​​slaves will not be able to create their own offspring. Their so-called offspring will be artificial, bred creatures — with the help of bionics, that is, artificially created embryos will be interbred with cyber technologies, with nano technologies, in order to be the species that cannot interbreed with global “masters”.

Moreover, these two species will exist in completely two different realities. “Masters” will exist in the normal human reality that we know now. They will have self-identity, and so-called self-consciousness, because self-consciousness is uniqueness. So, cyber slaves will be denied even self-consciousness. They are offered virtual reality, and multiple consciousness, which will not be self-consciousness. It will be an imposed artificial “self-consciousness” in the form of avatars. These slaves will exist in some kind of illusory virtual world, where they will be artificially implanted with memories, perceptions, the necessary cognitive schemes, attitudes, etc. When I was preparing this report, the only analogy that I could offer was the Opium Wars in China, where the richest Chinese empire was hooked on opium, and the entire coast was covered with opium dens, where people existed in virtual reality, in opium delusional fantasies. This is what they are preparing for us.

They want to sterilize us. They want to moronize us. They want to introduce us into a narcotic, in fact, intoxication via cyber-psychotronic technology, and keep us in this psychotronic cyber-narcotic intoxication. Not only that, they talk about cyber sex. That is, these creatures will not even have sex. Not only will they not be able to bear children, they will not even be able to have sex. This will be cyber sex through the stimulation of certain loci in the brain.

The threat is not just the use of prohibited weapons against unarmed civilians. The threat is the creation of a two-species society. Such a society will naturally be imposed by methods that have not been used before. Namely, this society cannot be imposed by war: nuclear war, chemical, biological war. This society — slavery, debilization, sterilization — can only be imposed with psychotronic weapons. As a result, now we are dealing with an enemy who is building satellite psychotronic networks.  Right now we are sitting with you, talking about bullying on the internet, while they are building psychotronic networks: Starlink by Elon Musk, and OneWeb by England. Moreover, OneWeb is being built with the help of our rockets, which put their satellites into low-orbit orbits. That is, we are building, with our own hands, the psychotronic weapons for the Americans and for the British, who are the servants of this organized criminal global group — we are building the psychotronic weapons that will destroy Russia. Because the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies is a psychotronic cyber weapon. This means, we must talk about a new type of cyber weapon, and a new type of psychotronic weapon.

Again, I repeat, this is a global new empire that is hyper-national or crypto-national, that is, it does not belong to any nationality, to the Jews, or Zionists, or to Americans, or the British. This is a crypto-global empire that has completely different plans for humanity, and completely different methods for global domination.

The steps in this plan are as follows. First, to create and use all over the world an artificially created, chimeric virus — as a binary biological weapon. They took a coronavirus, inserted four inserts of HIV there; added hemagglutinin, a protein that is present in influenza “A” (this is the famous Spanish Flu Pandemic); and made a very infectious, aerosol-spreadable (that is, by airborne droplets) virus with HIV inserts – essentially, the Airborne AIDS. It is not hard to see what happens when this virus is injected, as a vaccine that produces antibodies to the spike protein that contains these four HIV inserts. This vaccine, injected into the client’s bloodstream, will cause full-blown AIDS.

But the most important thing is the transition to an open, global digital government, with the destruction of national sovereignty. The primary goal of the Covid-19 biological binary weapon attack was not just depopulation for easier control of the masses. The main goal was precisely the abolition of democracy through the imposition of digital identity, which is easy to forge and forge from outside the country, violating the independence of the nation, and completely breaking the institution of national self-government of the people.

Moreover, cyber takeover is a prerequisite for a cyber attack. The ultimate goal is not just the subjugation of national governments, but their complete destruction. The cyber attack will be carried out from global floating servers in neutral waters, and from satellites in low-orbit orbits. Moreover, from the same satellites, an attack with a plasma weapon (DEW – directed energy weapon) will be carried out, which we saw in Northern California, when entire areas of Northern California were depopulated with the help of self-igniting smart miters belonging to the Rothschild company, and with the help of the «Iron Beam» from Boeings and from satellites. This weapon was originally developed by this organized crime group for Israel.

So, it is planned to create a world electronic government with the loss of national sovereignty, and the psychotronic global network of satellites on low orbit. And when this system is created, that is, when we get the so-called digital identity, and the entire document circulation is converted into electronic form, at the moment a cyber strike will occur — from these floating servers in neutral waters, and from satellites StarLink and OneWeb. Again, I would like to point out: StarLink is not a government-owned company, and OneWeb, too, cannot be described as strictly government or national. The British specifically left the European Union in order to create their own kind of corporate identity, characterized precisely in terms of an organized crime that does not serve the interests of its people, but, on the contrary, runs counter to the interests of its people. And all these legal entities seen in the active promotion of this plan — Google, Facebook — they are in the British jurisdiction, in the offshore British jurisdiction. That is, we have, in fact, England as a facade for this global organized crime group.

And when this cyber strike occurs, all information will be erased — from phones, from computers, even from hard disks, even from them, because they have special inserts to erase all information. Everything will stop. But in addition to our personal information, all our factories that operate on Western software will stop. That is, the software will be completely disabled on the territory of Russia, as earlier in the Soviet Union there was similar cyber-sabotage to blow up pipelines. Moreover, the factories will not just stop: technogenic catastrophes will begin at the factories. Just as the Americans drilled holes in the Soyuz on orbit (with the help of the NASA Astronaut Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor, CIA engineer under the guise of MD), they will also launch attacks on factories. Judge for yourself the consequences of technogenic catastrophes.

And also, all accounts that will be converted into digital money will be reset to zero. First, they will rob the population of Russia, and then they will completely erase the digital currency that is now being built by the “eco-system” of Sberbank, until the next global crisis, which comes every ten years. All historical information will be erased; all educational programs that will be transferred to the cloud of our strategic adversaries; all health information; all rights to property, land, houses, apartments (titles of property). That is, the citizens of Russia will become people without a country, without a nation, without surnames, without passports, without apartments, without houses.

And now the ideological program of the so-called “Inclusive Capitalism” is being built for this, which was announced — “Great Reset” — by Klaus Schwab at the last meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and which was prepared by the Rothschilds. In late fall 2020, Evelyn (or Lynn) Rothschild declared that the Rothschilds want socialism, and even more so, communism for Europe. You must understand: I am being attacked by my partners, distributors in Europe — Germans, and Canadians, Americans. They say to me: Irina, are you not afraid of losing your property? They all stand on their ears afraid that now everything will be taken away from them. The Synagogue of Satan (self-named, they call themselves in this way) plans to take all property from 99% of the world’s population. That is, everything should be in sharing — cars, houses, apartments, land, even wives. There should be no institution of the family, no institution of private property, no institution of personal property. That is, they will have the institution of property, the institution of family, wife, child, sex. And the slaves which they identify as us — we will have cyber sex, some cyber crazy fantasies; and we will be bred like chickens on a farm.

That is, we must immediately clearly establish and clearly state that the entire elite of Russia — Deripaska, Potanin — all these people, the entire ruling elite of Russia will belong to cyber slaves. Take Kovalchuk, who declared that Russia cannot avoid creating a service person. If he expects that he will NOT be a service person, he is simply cognitively deficient already now. We must, we, the sane people of Russia — we must make it clear to our ruling class that they should not expect that they should not keep illusions that they will NOT be made cyber slaves, and that they will NOT be sterilized and given cyber sex instead of normal sex. Let them not expect that they will not be deprived of all their rights, and that their property will not be taken away from them. The way Biden has now called Putin a murderer suggests that the Hague is destined for all of them. That is, Russia must now unite around its leadership. The whole country must unite: whites, blacks, Asians, White Russians, narrow-eyed, wide-eyed, dark-skinned, blondes, black-haired, green-eyed — everybody. Kalmyks and Vologda residents – all must unite in order to prevent Trotskyism again in our country — only now not in the form of a tragedy, but in the form of a comedy. Because this is, in fact, a comedy, when Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab’s deputy, tells us that we will have communism, while a lackey ties his shoes.

But the most important thing that we still need to understand: in this new financial system that they are preparing, there will be no money at all: no digital currency, no crypto currency. Therefore, when German Gref tells us that he will build digital money for us in Russia, and that this is some kind of advanced “eco-system”, and when Mishustin builds all kinds of digital schemes for us here, they must understand: this is already obsolete, it is already outdated, and no one in the West is interested in it anymore. They are building a completely different financial system. And this system has already been patented. Bill Gates has already patented it with patent 060606.

What is this patent about? This patent says that the financial system for cyber slaves will be based on two loci in the brain – a locus of pain and a locus of pleasure, which were localized by Yale University professor Jose Delgado. He inserted an electrode into the bull’s brain, and the bull could not do anything during the bullfight. He stopped. That’s what they want. That is, correct behavior will be sanctioned by exciting, stimulating the locus of pleasure, and wrong behavior will be punishable by exciting the locus of pain. This is what they want. They no longer want any money, or banks. Banks are not generating the returns they expect. Usury percentage in Europe is negative. That is why crises are made every ten years. First, cheap loans are distributed. Then every ten years there is a shearing of cattle — butchering of goats – as they say bluntly. As Nathan Rothschild puts it: “culling the cattle” to make profits off those cheap loans they’ve been distributing. As a result, they grab assets, earning about 200% of the profit (for example, the cost of almost entirely paid house, plus the house itself, expropriated by the bank for stopping mortgage payments).

Over the next ten years, the central bank of central banks will encourage another financial bubble for the next crisis. The next crisis will be a “bail-in” crisis. The 2008 crisis was a bail-out crisis. That is, they gave money to banks. And in 2028, there will be a bail-in crisis. That is, they will simply bankrupt the banks. And depositors who kept their money in banks will lose their money. This scheme was tested by the Rothschilds in Crete, the crypto-colony of England, a few years ago, about eight years ago. And the Central Bank of Russia with Nabiullina is testing this process continuously, accustoming Russian citizens to the fact that they will simply lose their money. There will be expropriation of personal savings of citizens around the world. And after that there will be no banks, no money. Only psychotronic control from psychotronic satellite systems on low orbits.

In my opinion, before the cyber war, there will be a delimitation of cyber spaces. Because NATO members will need to accuse Russia of cyber attacks. Moreover, this cyber attack will be an anonymous attack. What do you think: where does “Anonymous” come from (the symbol of which is the image of a black suit with a question mark above)? Nottingham hosts an underground cyber center of Great Britain, in an underground city. River is flowing nearby, which cools this artificial intelligence. This is where Snowden was created. This is where Assange was created. This is where «Anonymous» was created. This is where ISIS was created. All such black operations to deceive the world community were created in Nottingham! So it is from there that all this will happen, all coordination. That is, the control center is located in Nottingham.

So, there will be a delimitation of cyberspaces in order to ensure the safety of the complete erasure of the cyberspace of Russia without affecting the servers of the West. This means that now Russia must track floating servers in neutral waters. Russia must clearly understand where this so-called “global” artificial intelligence is located. Financial Center 666 is located on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucifer, as you know, is the Devil. All psychotronic weapons are located in Austria, in the neutral zone. The global center is located in Nottingham, England. Russia should clearly know about all these centers, because when a cyber strike against Russia occurs, Russia should respond adequately. That is, Russia must change its military doctrine. Where is Sivkov? Where is Kvachkov? Where are all our experts? I repeat, Russia’s military doctrine must be changed.

In the military doctrine of Russia, there should be a closure of the sky from the western satellites. First of all. Second, an adequate strike at the centers of global artificial intelligence: Nottingham, Lake Lucerne, Austria, etc. That is, our enemies, the so-called “our partners,” should know that Russia will not respond to them with nuclear weapons. Russia will respond with a high-precision, high-speed strike, very addressed, against these centers. And Russia must clearly define where the floating servers are located in neutral waters. Because when this war starts, this war will be openly terrorist in nature. And Russia must put forward a new doctrine: protection from global terrorism regardless of national borders. This doctrine must be clearly developed, because the enemies will attack us from neutral waters. And there is no such doctrine. Where is the doctrine? Give us a doctrine that will protect our country and our population from complete global destruction and turning us not even into slaves, but into animals, into cattle. Can we even use the term «a service man»? Since Kovalchuk is planned to be turned into cattle.

So, the main ingredients of an imminent cyber war are: disabling all software; shutdown of all factories; technogenic catastrophes; destruction of all digital document circulation; the destruction of the digital currency that the Sberbank is now trying to create on the basis of the “block chain”. But the block chain is a Trojan Horse that binds to every program on the computer, and it is precisely the block chain that is the cyber weapon. It is the blockchain that will destroy the cyber system of our country. In conclusion: the destruction of all digital libraries, repositories of digital education, etc. This cyber attack has been documented in all the dystopias that were created by Hollywood. These are not just some fantasies, conspiracy theories. This is described in the Rand Corporation documents. This is described in the documents of the International Monetary Fund. This is described in the documents of the World Economic Forum. These documents deal exclusively with a new war — cyber war, which, in fact, will be a psychotronic war. Therefore, I would like to appeal to all sane people in Russia so that they create an ideological, scientific, political, military doctrine — a new one that will respond to new threats, a new enemy that carries, I repeat, a completely new threat, which did not exist before.


Thank you for your attention!


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