Indian corporates, except Bajaj, have become cheerleading gang of Modi’s BJP government

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By Nalini Ranjan Mohanty

The Economic Times did a public relations exercise for the ‘reformist’ Prime Minister by doing an ‘exclusive’ interview with him and then following it up with a front page lead story telling us that the big men of the corporate India hailed Prime Minister Modi’s words and actions.

Did that deserve to be a front-page lead?

When have the corporate bigwigs of India shown a spine ( with the sole exception of the Bajaj family)?

They have always been the part of the cheerleading gang. If you want to look for corporate spine, then look at the USA.

The big cats of the industry there are not obsequious vis-a-vis the executive, as their Indian counterparts are.

They have the gumption to call a spade a spade. Why is the Indian lot so gutless? Is it because they are afraid of the ED, CBI and/or income Tax?

Most of the newspapers have lost their relevance as the vehicles of information. They curry favour with the ruling party BJP politicians of the day. They constitute projects sponsored by the big business to protect their empire.

Corruption and nepotism are a way of life for Indians. Corruption and nepotism are in their genes.

Some Indians delude themselves into thinking they live in an independent democratic country where the voice of the people decides the future of the country!!

Nothing will ever change in India! When ancient Vedic Manusmritism has destroyed the self-respect of Indians to the point where morals and ethics are considered topics for academics to fight about, why do you feel surprised, my good man?

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