If your faith is complete, no amount of provocation- be that a parody, a cartoon or a movie can shake it!

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By Darshan Mondkar & Syedda Shahid


An 18 year old youth in Paris took it upon himself to behead a 47 year old History Teacher with a kitchen cleaver.

And this was done because the Teacher showed an allegedly derogatory nude caricature of The Prophet in his class of teenagers (ages 13-14).

The assailant was chased by the Police and was immediately shot to death.

Let me begin by saying that this is a highly condemnable act by one fanatic who decided to murder someone because his religious sentiments were offended by a cartoon.

However, the aftermath is what I find intensely disturbing.

The man was pronounced a terrorist….. Nay an Islamic Terrorist by the French President.

I am pretty sure that if he was a white man who had butchered a person of different faith for similar reasons or even shot dead numerous people with an assault rifle, he would have been called a “Deranged Lunatic”.

I haven’t even heard the term “White Terrorist” used in any such cases and don’t even dare to say that such cases have not happened recently, including the bombing of a mosque.

Now the entire Muslim community is being made to apologize for this dastardly act.

Not just that somehow this all boils down to the verbal castigation of the Indian Muslims too.

Because obviously the Indian Muslims or today are responsible for the acts of Muslims across the world along with the acts of Babur and Khilji.

The regular islamophic dolts are up in arms trying to verbally lynch the Indian Muslims on social media.

So here is my message to all of you:

– The man was obviously a religious fanatic, every religion has them.
– The murderer was shot dead almost immediately
– The Indian Muslims are not responsible for it
– The Indian Muslims have to neither apologize nor fall head over heels to condemn the act by going out of their way
– I haven’t come across any Indian Muslim who is supporting this act of murder and if you do come across any such person feel free to take him on instead of beating up the entire community into a corner
– No support marches are being taken out in favor of the murderer.
– No one was planning to give him a ticket and make him a MP has he not been shot dead.

Now you can take your Islamophobia and shove it……there is a thin line between condemning an incident and condemning an entire community.

Disclaimer: There are criminals, there are fanatics and there are terrorists who use religion to justify their acts of terror. What always matters is how does the State, the Government and the Community reacts to it.

The horror of acts like the one in Paris is grist for the mill of the extreme right and a clear depiction of geopolitical outcome.

The murder on this school teacher reminds me of the murder of Khashoggi and the many murders that happened in the name of Islam by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. It is the Salafist, puritanical interpretation of Islam that many mosques with Saudi patronage in Europe teach, that underlies exactly this kind of act.

It is high time that Europe revises it’s relationship with the absolute monarchies and stop it’s complicity in fostering of the so-called “moderate forces” that includes many Chechens, against secular leaders like Assad, if it seriously wants to tackle extremism and not just use the horrific killing only for it’s upcoming presidential elections.

As a matter of fact France even gave support and assistance with weaponry, logistics and diplomatic protection to violent Muslim jihadiis in Syria and Iraq terming them as “moderate rebels” and went on to accept many of these ISIS terrorists as refugees.

Remember France DID support the war against the forces which defeated ISIS. There is no changing these facts.

The Hobby Lobby went full Indiana Jones, and no one cared, everyone just shrugged and went back to buying yarn. Everyone went crazy and started calling these terrorists Freedom Fries and were pouring French wine down the drain when France wouldn’t support the war effort by men like General Issam Zahreddine, Qassem Soleimani or Abu al-Muhandis or the Iraqi n Syrian army who end of the day are the ones who defeated ISIS while western companies literally FUNDED ISIS TO STEAL AND SMUGGLE, OIL ARTIFACTS and what not.

This is not the first and may not be the last !!

Stop funding and supporting Saudi model of Islam that leads to radicalisation.

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