Hitler’s architect Albert Speer died On This Day in 1976

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1 September 1981.

Nazi war criminal Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect, died at the age of 76. He falsely claimed he had no knowledge of the Holocaust at the Nuremberg war trial thereby escaping a death sentence.

He was released from prison in 1966 and made a fortune from his memoirs.

I think the few that did escape the death penalty were lucky. I think the judges went overboard to try to prove that the trials were not just show/ revenge trials.

A few shall we say ..less obvious dealers in evil were spared to highlight this

The Yanks liked him and gave him a pass on the basis he showed them where all their Norden sight aimed bombs missed their targets. Proper wrong ‘un but really really smart and knew how to work the room.

Many serious Nazis were rehabilitated for similar reasons, or simply because they were “anti-red”.

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