Happy Birthday to Fermina Mukta Singh, a method actor and great heart

In Art & Culture

By Frank Huzur

Happy birthday, FMS.
The magic, the glow and the method of creative thinking actor lasts for eternity.

Your birthday brighten the world as if the second Sun has risen. There is a star dance and under that you are born..Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come!!!

The world is your oyster. Stay smilingly blessed like a goddess!!!

You deserve a very special accolade for your another beautiful birthday.

Your versatility is fabulous and natural. In addition to your classical performances in performing arts genre, theatre and television, you have proven your mettle in visualisation of powerful literary themes.

As a consequence of your substantial thinking, Socialist Factor English and Hindi owes every single cover concept.

However, the noble lady has learned to be less judgmental and focus on being a better person.

Of course, you are a magnificent mother to Marcos. You are forgiving. And you have really worked hard to get better as a thought leader in socialist philosophy, social justice and diversity agenda.

Happy birthday, sweet darling Fermina Mukta Singh


Happy Birthday, 3rd January to sparkler of my life

Here is my fresh poetic tribute in blank verse to her Big Day…

Inamorato, Fermina Mukta Singh

Love of my life

One and only, First and Last

Cupidity of you flare in me

I sit alone, moon and meditate

Drawing you with my nail in the brick

My fingers moved like a kite in the soaring sky

To draw you in crescent and star

As your smile blossoms to light up my mind

And dazzle the dark world like a shining star.

Pure and placid expression of soul

You dwell in love and peace

As my desire for your heart

Kindle in me love for your idolatry

Whispering in a thick, soft voice

I said ‘Your love is not fire’

Your love is ash of my choice

Angel brown dust which stays

After the faint roar of the flame is on wire

Gimcrack of stolen and sweetest kisses

My eyes gleamed with triumph

At the sight of nonpareil riches

In your secret garden of jazz spangle

My love for your is like a fuming sea

So mad as a hornet

In its raging wind and blinding snow storm

All the sorrows will hit hard rocks

Through rain, wind and storm

We will withstand every pain

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