Happy Birthday, Dear Brother Tipu

In Akhilesh Yadav

On this day in 1973 was born India’s popular socialist leader Akhilesh Yadav in Saifai, a small hamlet of Etawa, central Uttar Pradesh.

Very happy (unofficial) B’day to youth icon, charismatic strong socialist leader, national president of Samajwadi Party and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. When he was sworn in as CM on 15 March 2012 he was only 38 years old and thereby he had become the youngest head of state in the history of UP.

Let’s remember fsmous artist Cezanne His view was that “An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all… feeling is the principle, the beginning and the end; craft, objective, technique – all these are in the middle.”

Having watched A2Y political innings in the past 10 years from a close quarter I can vouch that his socialist mission is based on the “People’s Feelings.”

For a biographical subject after Imran Khan and Mulayam Singh, I am proud to have chosen the social and political journey of a visionary figure who has become a heartthrob for the current generation of youngsters and hope to tens of millions of people of all ages.

The Tipu Story is the biography of the leader. Hindi edition, concise version, is published and full length English edition of the book is awaiting the publication.

True socialism is the mission of this young gentleman politician, a son of famous father, socialist patriarch
Mulayam Singh, patron of the Samajwadi Party, three times Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the most popular ex defence minister of India. Above all, Mulayam Singh Yadav had been a rock-hard signpost for secularism and socialism in India. In his hey days he was the bulwark to militant Hindutva of the BJP RSS. Akhilesh as an heritor to the charge of his father has carried on the baton with discipline, determination, energy and enormous enthusiasm.

Very few leaders in India have been working to improve the confidence and condition of poverty-stricken masses. Akhilesh is one of them. He values social equity in the unequal world.

His socialist movement is for the many, young,farmer, labourer, women and traders, not just few like the rival political party.

His tenure as CM of UP, by all accounts, was symbolic of inclusive development and a great advertisement for digital democracy. I hail him as a pioneer of Tech-Socialism in India for empowerment of close to two million youths through free laptop distribution in his debut tenure, 2012-2017.

The grand narrative of people’s welfare was all too evident in his giant infrastructure and technology projects, including Samajwadi Housing and Pension Plans for the homeless and downtrodden, Womenfolks amongst all.

Unlike Modi who had been savaged all over for his right wing populism and rhetorical politics, Akhilesh has achieved the mass adulation by virtue of transforming the grammar of politics through ‘Good Action’ and ‘Noble Thought.’

Moreover, Akhilesh has charioted the Samajwadi Party in recent years with the ideals of Ambedkar alongside Lohia and Gandhi. He is unambiguous in his political mission when he says, “Ambedkar and Lohia are the two wheels of Bicycle, symbol of the Samajwadi Party.”

Happy birthday, dear brother.

Here is a poetic tribute to revolutionary socialist leader and UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav by Frank Huzur. …
The Socialist Skipper: Tipu A2Y
Guts, grit, grind and Glory
Simple, soft, strong & scintillating is the Tipu Story
Akhilesh is the name of an Indian warrior
The Fighter socialist not engaged in the hostile encounter
But locked in the war for hearts and minds rosier
Guiding the voyage of socialist movement he never flounder

High ambition, winsome speech, a passionate soul
This is all the luggage for a leader of the people’s Caravan
Gadget gaming, baby kisser, liverwire political goal
Tipu goes on swishing laptop and tablet on socialism savannah

In the granary of India’s heartland
He sings the song of revolution socialism
Pedaling the bicycle in the secular sugarcane land
Wiping off the desert full of cactus communalism

Born a Scorpio in the hamlet of Saifai
41 Autumns ago when the world was at war
In hills and fields of Vietnam flaring
Capitalism crying and socialism singing wide and far

Tipu was the call of his father, a socialist battler
A veteran duelist in the dust of village yard
Tipu was the lodestar of his mother’s blue sky rattler
Rolling in the scent of green leaves and rose garden ward

The little socialist began to learn on the soil lay
Lessons of life fighting in the green fields
Sparkling styles and skills of game boys play
Running like a hare in soccer, cricket & hockey shields

From the granary of village to manicured lawns of Dhaulpur Military school
Tipu was walking the path like the bruiser and gladiator on a mission
Smiling like a wildcat in victory rules
And praying like a monk in defeat grace the reason

On the cusp of jumping the childhood bridge
When Tipu sniffed the beauty of rose queen
Romance bloomed in the southern breeze
Sweeping the charismatic lover of his hearts fling

Free, friendly, common and egalitarian
Lion-hearted zealot campaigner riding for young and old, farmer and jobless
Tipu is equal, informal, liberal and libertarian
In a country where tens of millions feel at sea hopeless
Pleasure and pride
Of India’s socialist lamppost
Tipu inspires dignity and delight
Pioneering in his youngest tenure Tech-socialsm like a humble host
Critics carper once ridiculed him as toddler of politics
Jewel in the crown of heartland Tipu turned out logistic
He bears the badge of harmony his social choice
Loathing hate, Tipu blow out missiles of malice
Harbinger of hope to helpless dreamers
Turk triggers fountain of peace fever!
Politics is his first stop of passion
Affair with people’s welfare he runs in fashion ……

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