Good Politics Versus Bad Politics
#Akhilesh is a symbol of #Good_Politics

In Akhilesh Yadav

Frank Huzur

In the world there is nothing like good politics. But the same can’t be said for a tribe of good politicians.
People who are elected
could be assessed as good or bad over their performance.

In India though, definition of good politics & good politician is a complex proposition.
Followers of a politician have their own way to define good politics. In fact, every politician has cultivated a legion of fanatical followers. From @narendramodi #Modi to @yadavakhilesh #AkhileshYadav, each one has a monopoly over the hearts and minds of their supporters.
Nevertheless, we need to think about the fundamental differences between Good & Bad politics, Good & Bad politicians.

What is difference between #good_politics & #bad_politics?
Good politics always try to empower #people. Bad politics always try to empower #politicians.
Good politics improves economic climate & fosters educational institutions. Bad politics always try to concentrate power in individuals & criticize individuals for problems.

Good politics always try to find out permanent solutions of the problems.
#BadPolitics always try to divert attention from the real #problems. Troll army in social media, television channels & newspapers, is good for the Distraction Job.

Good politics believes in Unity is Strength, social diversity & cultural Renaissance & intellectual beliefs.
Bad politics believes in Divide and Rule.
Good politics promotes logic & scientific temper.
Bad politics promotes blind faith & superstitions.
Good politics believes in love and respect for all people irrespective of their religion, caste, race, place of birth & any difference
created by destiny.

Bad politics belives in creating hatred among people on the basis of above. Islamophobia and inter-caste prejudices are the shining examples for the Indian milieu.
#Akhilesh is a good politician and he is a symbol of #good_politics

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