For those Indians who support Israel

In Europe, World

By Feroze Mithibhorwala

To all here. A little advice. Don’t take a position on the Palestinian issue based on your like or dislike of Muslims and Islam here in India. Try and be objective in your assessment.

From the Fatah, the entire PLO, even the Hamas, they have all agreed to a Two-State solution. It’s the Israeli’s in their arrogance who have not abided by either the Oslo accords or International laws.

Again, do not judge their freedom struggle from our perspective. In our Freedom struggle, both the Hindu & Muslim rightwing, Hindu Mahasabha & the Muslim League played a role in both collaborating with the British, to dividing the people and were on the sidelines of the Freedom Movement. If both these forces had been part of the freedom struggle, the history of India would have been different.

Thus the various social & religious currents do play a role in the liberation of their countries, as is true for many nations across the world – its called liberation theology. From South Africa, with Fr. Desmond Tutu, to the priests in South & Central America – yes, its called liberation theology. If the various religious streams that are part of a freedom struggle, talk a language of inclusivity, mutual respect & pluralism and in practice, then that society only gains in the post-liberation phase of that nation.

Thus it is also for each nation, each people to decide upon the path of their freedom struggle. The only condition is their commitment to a society, a nation based on the values of equal rights, justice for all, equal status of all religions, gender rights, minority rights, both in religious, linguistic and ethnicity. Yes, Palestinians have this discourse.

Unlike Israel which is an entity built upon European Settler Colonialism, by the support of the Imperial powers, namely the US, UK & France. It was built by the Ethnic Cleansing of the native people. It is based on an ideology of Ethno-Religious supremacism, referred to as Zionism. Israel is essentially an Apartheid Racist state. Which is why this colonising project is beginning to unravel.

The immoral White Settler Israeli Zionist Apartheid project will collapse as did the European White Settler Afrikaner South African project. The process has begun and the Palestinians, the ancient native population will redeem & free their lands.

This is not about the Bible & the Quran. Its essentially about the original inhabitants of the land, the Cannanites, Jebusites, Amorites, Edomtes, Moabites & others, – all referred to as Palestinians, who have always lived there. One cannot support the ethnic cleansing of the orginal people of the land, by this European Colonial Settler Occupation.

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