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Prof. Pilar Viviente

I am Yerma,

the one who stands,

the desolate wasteland,

that deserted steppe.

I am Medea,

the banished sorceress of Athens,

the exile of Athens,

condemned to exile in her own land.

Yes, Medea,

the foreigner,

woman and wise in a patriarchal world,

the magician from the East.

I am all the Yermas and Medeas

of these Iberian lands

and beyond the seas.

I am all the Yermas and Medeas

that I never was

and that I’ll never be.

This poetry is part of the exhibition ‘Maridaje (Rodetes & Spanish Sketches)’, being published by Museari as poetic prose. My exhibition in Museari took place from 17 September 2020 to 17 October 2020. However, the advantage of this online format is that it allows you to recover the exhibition after the end of the exhibition month in Museari. So you can still enjoy Pilar Viviente in Museari, ‘Maridaje (Rodetes & Spanish Sketches)’, at the link below, https://www.museari.com/pilar-viviente/

In my recent work, pieces from the “Spanish Sketches” (since 2014) series converge with others from “Rodetes” (wheels that are eyes) series (since 2017). This pairing concept is presented as a first at Museari, an museum project by university professors and researchers Ricard Huerta and Germán Navarro. “Museu de l’imaginari” (Museum of the Imaginary) is the subtitle that always accompanies the Museari brand, one of the most active Valencian museums with a new exhibition every month. The exhibition hall, however, is outside the conventional exhibition circuit of the city of Valencia. Museari is purely virtual. Museari was officially presented at the CECA ICOM World Congress (UNESCO) at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington on September 2015.

Although the Rodete project began later than the Spanish Sketches project, it has been widely developed and exhibited around the world as performance, installation, piano recital, sculptures and paintings, both on paper and metal, unique and also multiple works of art. According to the art critic and editor Paco Rallo (2020), “Artist, intellectual and multifaceted, Pilar Viviente works with music and body expression. For some time ago she has developed the Rodete concept in her work, so present in the headdresses of Iberian women”. That’s the way it is. The Rodete Project takes the name of the so called ‘rodetes’ that the Iberian sculpture Lady of Elche wears on either side of the head, wheel-shaped boxes or containers where braids were picked up in spiral, and consists of multidisciplinary research in artistic languages (painting, infographic, music, body expression, performance, screen projection) and combinatory art, light and color, with a evident feminist perspective and artistic activism against environmental problems and climate change.

This drift of ecological feminism or ‘eco-feminism’ also includes my “Spanish Sketches” series, which is successfully presented for the first time in “pairing” with my Rodetes in this individual exhibition for Museari. The art works on display are shown in this article. The “Spanish Sketches” Project is a project using body as artistic support that links Visual Arts with Performing Arts with a series of allegories available in different formats (prints, photography, painted photography, painting, screen projection). These allegories express transcultural interference between different cultures and civilizations, with an aesthetic that assimilates characteristics of Western Baroque tenebrism, flemish, Arab and Indian art, Greek and Asian art. The project brings to our current liquid society different traditions, revealing common points with a contemporary aesthetic. It is better to look for similarities and bridges between cultures than to build walls based on differences. Art is inclusive by nature or, at least, should be. And this is one of its main aesthetic and moral values.



1, 3, 5, 7. Works from the series “Rodetes”. Painting and infographics on paper, metal and plexiglass. Original and multiple. Variable measurements. Copyright © 2018-2020 María Pilar Viviente Solé.

2, 4, 6. Works from the “Spanish Sketches” Series. Photo on paper, metal and plexiglass. Original and multiple. Variable measurements. Project, choreography and model: Pilar Viviente. Photography and lighting: Borja López Ferrer. Copyright © 2014-2020 María Pilar Viviente Solé.

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