Everything British Prime Minister Boris does is for political expediency

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By Pete North

The reason the sea border is there is because Boris Johnson put it there. Not because it was better – but for political theatricals – pretending to his gullible supporters that he was the conquering hero who could reopen the deal where May could not. And they bought it.

This was never anything to do with getting the right deal. It was purely an act of cynical electioneering and an exercise to satisfy the vanity of Johnson. Everything he does is for political expediency. Boris first, party second, the UK a distant third.

They knew the consequences. They knew it was a charade – but their pals in the Tory press – Fraser Nelson, Allister Heath and all the little toryboy columnists went along with it. They never gave a toss about Brexit outcomes in the public interest. It was just about installing the fat oaf.

The ERG just needed the fat clown as a distraction. Something to keep the media busy with while they got on with their nasty little disaster capitalism operation behind the scenes.

May’s deal protected the union – but it was an obstruction to their designs. For the ERG, though, NI was expendable so they handed it over to the EU – assuming they could re-write the treaty at a later date. But they can’t. Signed, sealed and delivered by the oaf and now they’re looking to blame absolutely anybody but themselves.

That then puts them in the position of either breaking international law or admitting they fucked it up. So they will break international law, putting the trade negotiations in danger of collapse, which they hope will cause the EU to pull the plug whereupon the Tory rags will fire up a smokescreen and blame Barnier.

A good deal was possible but for that they needed a plan, but any plan had to acknowledge the realities of our predicament, thus any plan was going to burst the delusions of the Tory right so they decided to wing it instead. Consequently they’ve made a total fucking hash of it and the chances of salvaging this mess are nil. It is not a recoverable position. It even blows their “mini deals” plan B out of the water. At this rate Johnson’s legacy will be to hand NI over to the EU and lose Scotland. The man is a first class loser. It is impossible to understate just how crass this pack of Tory mouthbreathers are.

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