BJP Govt Standard Operating Procedure to tackle any protest against of their stupid laws:

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By Darshan Mondkar

It’s ABCD- Avoid, Bypass, Conversation and Delay

Step 1: Ignore the protests and hope it dies down

Step 2: Hold irrelevant talks with the protesters and delay, delay, delay.

Step 3: Infiltrate the protests with their own friendlies for future use

Step 4: Get the friendlies to call the Govt “reasonable and fair”

Step 5: Start an IT Cell and Modia campaign to malign the protesters by calling them deshdrohi/anti national/urban naxal/terrorists

Step 6: Friendlies start protesting in a different tangent and not in line with the actual demands

Step 7: Spends crores of rupees to start an “Awareness Campaign” which means front page ads of Modi telling everyone how great the law actually is and how it will benefit the country by destroying terrorism/ ending corruption /bringing back black money / doubling income / Pandhara Pandhara lakh

Step 8: Say they are ready to listen to demands but don’t really listen to demands

Step 9: Start violent protests using friendlies in the protests and own goons.

Step 10: “Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko…… Goli Maaro ‘Insert Saalon/Kissanon/Any Suitable Name’ Ko”

By Step 10 people who are not a part of the protest and haven’t really read the laws are ready to believe that the protesters are the worst people in the country and the Cops beating the crap out of them are doing the best thing ever.

Disclaimer: This SOP can be used for tackling any protest by the BJP Govt, it usually works……. I hope it doesn’t work this time though.

List is missing conspiracy by China and Pakistan. Key part of SOP.

Call them Maoists, Extreme leftists, Sponsored by China / Pakistan, Dhoti pagdi gang etc.


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