Bicycle, Bull & Bulldozer
Social Democrat Akhilesh creates a new tune for the 2022 battle on the

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Photo of the Day from @yadavakhilesh #SamajwadiVijayYatra
#Commoners Raising fists in the air and lunging forward to touch the hand of their beloved socialist leader
When I make a fist, it’s strong, and you can’t tear it apart. As long as there’s unity, there’s strength.

From the backwaters of the Ganges to the banks of the Yamuna, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav has set out his chariot run for removing the BJP government in spring of 2022. The former UP CM began the Samajwadi Vijay Yatra from the riverbanks of the Ganges in Kanpur. The bright sunny day was upon the excited legion of the tens of thousands of socialist workers and supporters jostling for a glimpse of their leader in the front seat of shining red bus and as he rose to his feet on the rooftop with famous DemoBaby Khazanchi by his side.

By choosing the 12 October, death anniversary of socialist ideologue Lohia and the erstwhile Manchester of North, Kanpur, for the flagging off the Rath Yatra to drylands of Bundelkhand, Akhilesh has drawn the red line for the Assembly elections in his inimitable style and smart statement.

By referring to the devastating second wave of the Coronavirus and the tragically callous response from the Yogi government to oxygen and bed crisis, which caused unbelievable trauma to the afflicted people, Akhilesh reminded the people of Kanpur that the Ganges” sandbanks and its water were bearing a raft of dead bodies. The BJP has denied dignity of death to the people during the pandemic. Who would like to forget that dead bodies were floating in the Ganga?

Enthused by the presence of a huge expectant crowd, Akhilesh was brimming with hope and optimism while waving to workers, shaking hands with those who had tiptoed to his window and gesturing in delightful ways to those shouting for his affectionate attention.

After promising a string of reforms in the healthcare shortly after forming the government, he accused the ruling party of mowing farmers under the tyres of Thar and conspiring to keep farmers debt-ridden and backward. Lakhimpur massacre of farmers, by all means, is an unforgettable tragedy. The arrogant bull of the BJP will in future run amok and crush the Constitution if people are not united in removing the mad bulls of the ruling party.

Already, a vast majority of people in the Uttar Pradesh are living in fear of stray cattle and many others have lost both their limbs and crops. The BJP has lost its face over the protection of holy cows and they have miserably failed in restricting the bulls to the pen.
The government is controlled by big fish and it has no heart for medium and small traders. In addition to showing scant regard for the voices of opposition, this brutally inefficient govt has bulldozed houses of members of the Opposition party in the past four years of injustice and tyranny. I am here amongst you to assure that the Bicycle will block both the bull and the bulldozer. Samajwadi Party will form the next government to bring the smiles back on the worrying faces of people in Uttar Pradesh.

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