America was founded by a democracy-phobic, Commoner-loathing cabal of capitalists

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Updated Mar 16, 2019  | 12:00 IST | PHIL Rockstroh

“The US was founded by a democracy-phobic, Commoner-loathing cabal of capitalists who set in stone their privilege and power by means of establishing a sham republic. The system was rigged, from the get-go, against the interest of the general population. Only actions by Reds, socialists, and anarchists mitigated a degree of the misery.

Conversely, US elections are part of the nation’s authoritarian socio-economic-cultural architecture. Withal, Kamila Harris is of the Barack — AKA President Citigroup von Drone — Obama School Of Neoliberalist/Imperialist Operatives. Thus the Liberal Class, by conveyance of the Washington/New York Media Establishment, are going to praise the faux-progressive, authoritarian fraudster to the greenhouse gas-choked heavens.

And the same will apply with the capitalist media in regard to Booker, Beto and all other corporacrat/imperialist tools.

Yet: Warren and Sanders have revealed their membership in the blood-drenched Klavern of War Party Liberals. Withal, the lies they are retailing in regard to Venezuela.

It comes down to this: The US is a dictatorship of money and a national security/surveillance/police/prison industrial state and militarist empire. It is not a democratic republic. Therefore, the nation’s elections will amount to an exercise in a Theatre of Duplicity staged for the delusional. Voting in a sham republic is complicity in one’s own oppression, for this reason: The act merely bestows a patina of legitimacy on the fraud.

Instead: Subvert, disrupt, undermine, damage, and ultimately destroy the mechanism of perpetual exploitation, endless war for profit, and ecocide-inflicting murder-suicide. A gilets jaunes style socio-political uprising would prove a propitious starting point.”

“I know that this question, mostly rhetorical, is less than nice: But what is all the mindless rah-rahing emanating from progressive types in regard to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? The person in the video clearly is an idiot.

Anyone in even cursory communion with reality knows that Venezuelan democracy and its attendant elections are the most honest and open on the planet. It is the imperialist West that is fronted by sham democracies. How toxically credulous does one have to be to proclaim the piffle-gibbering twit represents the vanguard of an incipient, leftist future?

Has she even heard of Rosa Luxemburg? She comes off as though the entire range of her worldview arrived by means of Instagram.”

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